Soskodmorah's Chosen

Honor Guard of the Lizardfolk Progenitor


A trio of ferocious honor guard chosen by the 3 lizardfolk tribes where the Sibel and Luthien rivers meet. These lizardfolk arrived at Stone’s Throw on the 10th day of Moon 5, Year 2 of the campaign. They were sent by Soskodmorah to accompany his allies; Jade, Imsh, Carreg, and Shaguay, on their trip home after helping him cement himself as the Progenitor of the tribes.

The Chosen are

Usk – A red scale female lizardfolk. She is polite and respectful, but obeys laws to the letter.

Irhtos – A green scale female lizardfolk. She is distant and quiet, and seems driven by her past.

Vargach – A black scale female lizardfolk. She is headstrong and has respect only for warriors.

They speak only draconic, but have been instructed to learn the common tongue and the ways of the other races through their interactions at Stone’s Throw.

They are clad in strange ceremonial armor made out of plates of solid gold secured together by ropes of thick, rough leather which counts as ringmail. They also carry vicious spears whose heads are salvaged iron or steel orc spearheads and shields made of wood, hides, and whose edges are lined with spikes of teeth, claws, and broken bones.


Soskodmorah's Chosen

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