Paladin of the Order of the Crimson Sky


Alaric was slain by the Death Ooze of the Ashen Vale.

Alaric has returned to life. The details are fuzzy.


Once upon a time ago in the nice, sunny, southern lands, Alaric was a happy knight of Pelor in the Order of the Crimson Sky.

Civilization was in decline in his nation, though, and order started to give way to chaos throughout the lands. The Order fought hard to preserve civilization against the onslaught of banditry and raiding, but it was a war of attrition that was unsustainable in the long term. One day, Alaric was on a patrol in the frontier with a squadron of his fellow knights. To his horror, the commander on the mission and the Scribe both announced that they were given new purpose not from Pelor, and demanded all follow them or be slain.

He refused to turn traitor, and while he fought valiantly, he was quickly overcome.

Some time later, he came back to consciousness. His beloved order had been dashed, with what remained of it disbanding after being attacked by these fallen Knights. Ever since that fateful day, Alaric called out no longer to Pelor, but rather to Tyr – god of Justice. He seeks ever to right the wrongs of his former compatriots, and he followed them further and further North, out of all civilization, with an unerring sense of their location granted him by Tyr’s guidance.


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