Myru Amanodel

Eladrin Druid with the Emerald Enclave


Small for an elf, she does not look intimidating. She has long white/silver hair and has very fair skin. Her eyes look like they glow a faint amber.

Being an Eladrin, she has the ever changing personality traits.

Autumn (Myru’s Base) is the season of peace and goodwill, when summer’s harvest is shared with all. Eladrin adopt this personality when overcome with contentment.

  • Trait: If someone is in need, you never withhold aid. Will do anything in my power to assist.
  • Flaw: You trust others without thought, especially those who use nature magic.

Winter is the season of dolor, when the vibrant energy of the world slumbers. It is a time of sadness and regret, entered when eladrin are overcome with sorrow.

  • Trait: Becomes cold-hearted. Uncaring and lacking in empathy.
  • Flaw: My own survival is key.

Spring is the season of cheerfulness and unfettered celebration, marked by merriment as winter’s sorrow passes. Eladrin enter this state when overcome with joy.

  • Trait: You do everything with enthusiasm, even the most mundane chores. Throw parties or gatherings together frequently to share merriment.
  • Flaw: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

Summer is the season of boldness and aggression, a time of unfettered energy. Eladrin enter this state when overcome with fury.

  • Trait: You believe that direct confrontation is the best way to solve problems.
  • Flaw: Single track mind, does not deviant from her main thought. Cannot see the forest through the trees.

Myru’s parents were both part of a group called the Emerald Enclave. They constantly went between the Feywilds and the Prime Material Plane, manning the outpost in the Feywilds, and occasionally going to the Prime for larger issues that concern both planes. Being an Eladrin, the Fey was home, so they were far more concerned about the balance of nature in the Feywilds then in the Prime.

When Myru and her twin sister, Caelynn, were born, their parents decided to settle down in the Feywilds to raise the two girls. It did not take long to see the two were very much like their parents, wanting to join their journeys and protecting the balance. For years they played survival and gave their mother and father trouble, running off into the wilds, chase a fey, hide in the tall grass. From all of this, they learned to respect the Feywilds. Cael ended up following in their father’s footsteps and became a ranger type, learning how to survive in a battle against larger creatures. Myru followed their mother’s path of the druid. Trying to use nature to help the balance, she meditated in the Feywilds many times and sought guidance by the good fey.

The two girls learn how to rely on each other. There were many nights they were left alone to give them a chance to learn survival first hand in the Feywilds. Once they became adults, they officially joined the Emerald Enclave on their own merits. For many years they continued to rely on each other doing mini missions with other rangers and druids in the Emerald Enclave in the Feywilds since they had so much experience in there.

Myru’s most recent mission was different than her sister’s and brought her into the Prime by herself. Scared as she may be on the prospect, she is excited as well to show off her skills and complete her mission. To make explore the civilization, A Stone’s Throw, and the wilds around it in Norundra stay in check and to be the force between the two.

Myru Amanodel

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