West for Giants - Carreg, Cedeore, Myru, Gwen, ZOG

Moon 9 Days 1 - 18

Carreg and his group headed west, skirting the northern hills of the Ramparts.

They returned on the 18th of Moon 9 with some tales to tell.


Myru looks troubled as she recounts the adventure.

“We decided to skirt the west forest to avoid…ah…what’s her name…Red Teeth..Regazi. Yeah. As a few of the others have seen this hag and a flaming skull that follows her. Oh we found out his name is Nex. But I’m getting ahead of myself.” She flashes a smile.

“On our journey we met some…unfortunate high elves. They were no longer living. But before we knew that, I had already called out to the in elven, hoping for friendly people. Two were intelligent and the rest were likely zombies. The two intelligent ones called themselves Felosial and Nuria. We spoke mostly in elven, but…” Myru gives a playful nod to Cedeore. “Him and Nuira were having a conversation in another language. I think it was draconic.”

“Anyways, they were on patrol for C’estari, their city. We received information from them. We found out that Regazi has a, uh, truce? with them? Basically Regazi will protect her forest and kill whoever she wants and the high elves stay out of there. Or something to the effect? It is a somewhat unstable “alliance”. The icky oozey imps in white bag things are called Bonebags according to the high elves." Myru fake gags thinking about the Bonebags.

“We also know more about the flesh eaters. They are a bunch of halflings. The city is west of the lizard people up the river a bit. The undead high elves want nothing to do with them and do not go that way. Gwen seems interested in seeing her own race. But it sounds dangerous, and we might want to go there with caution.”

Myru sighs. “I found more information about Gorm Shuil.” She seems to be talking more specifically to Rivyre and Thakko (though anyone can find this out). “They know it appears on a certain day, when the sun hits some stone buildings in a way to make it look like the sun. I’m… not too sure.” Myru shifts to elven for this part. “It goes to the Far Planes. The high elves suspect that is where the aberrations come from. They speak as if a flood of them rush out every time Gorm Shuil shows up again. The high elves have more information at the Ghostly Court in C’estari. Maybe we can talk to Quillathe about transportation with him as an envoy?” After realizing how much she spoke in elven she apologizes and clears her throat.

“I told them that Lundar speaks elven. I did not think it was a big deal, but they seem to think it was. So, if you want to distinguish yourself as a friend ask Cedore for the safe phrases. It is in draconic, so I am not sure I can do it properly right now.”

“They led us safely out of Regazi’s forest and we found ourselves in a large plains. It was beautiful. Nature is always refreshing in all of its phases. We then met a curious group of high elves that were not undead, but alive with blue gems in their chests. It did not take long for them to turn on us.” She motions to Zog. “They did not like that he had the spear from the ooze in the Ashen Vale. It did not take us long to dispatch of them…but…” Her demeanor dims. “There was an issue with the gems in their chests. And Zog decided that instead of talking over it to come after Cedeore and myself who grabbed a gem each. Thankfully Carreg put him to sleep. We began discussing it.” She shifts uncomfortably.

“I…I’m not sure how okay I am with destroying these gems. I don’t know to what end those gems could save or destroy us or do nothing. Since it was something the others were against, Cedeore and myself allowed Zog to smash the last two.” She looks up in a child-like anger. “But I want to learn more about these before I continue to make more ultimate decisions on things we have little understanding on. Or at least someone fully explain what they know. Hearsay doesn’t count. We have too much of that now! I hear orcs are good and then orcs are bad and then Eladrin are evil. Then a week later they are respected. Minds are so easily swaying like pollen in the wind. Doesn’t it frustrate you that your mind cannot be on the ground where you want it to be.”

After a pause she calms down. “I’m sorry… where was I… Oh yes, after that we bruned the bodies. In case something were to come from them. I’m lost on hosw powerful these gems and non-undead high elves seem to be in people’s minds. We continued to the giants and found one pretty quickly. It seems to like deer.” She rubs her shoulder. “I would reccommend not turning into a deer in front of one. Carreg said it was a Hill Giant. He was hilariously stupid, but huge. We brought it down without much issue after my unfortunate deer in the dancing lights incident.”

“We saw a tower in the west, which the tracks of the Hill Giant led to. We set up camp before getting closer. But apparently they saw us and sent a pet wyvern to kill us. It nearly succeeded. With everyone working together we were able to slay it before it flew off. We quickly retreated after some salvaging. As we moved, two more wyverns came down on their friend to look for us. After that we head back. And here we are.” Myru smiles at the end


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