Swamp Things (Athao, Gwen, Kindle, Mump, and Nook)

Year 568 Moon 5, Days 2 - ???

The fellowship gathers to explore the swamp northeast of the Heartwood and then travel south on the eastern side of the River Nathuar to hopefully locate their horses. They set out on Moon 5, Day 2, but have not yet returned by Day 3…


Bard’s Log – Moon 5 Day 2
We wanted to make an early start to go and look for Omelette and friends, but Mr. Athao kept insisting on finding and testing all the traps in the forest. I know he and teacher Myru are different types of elves, but they both have a singular focus on making sure that the traps in the forest work. Once we got outside of the forest we headed northeast for a day. Mr. Kindle tried to climb a tree, after getting a boost from Athao he ended up falling, Athao tried to catch him, but missed and ended up in the mud, I think I heard Larry laugh. We got very close to the edge of an old swamp so we decided to make camp for the night. I was able to try a new song that I learned that hopefully will make camping easier, it worked quite nice, except for that moment in the morning before Mr. Kindle woke up when all of the branches that Nook used to hide us came crashing down on Mr.Kindle… I think a leaf got stuck in his hair for a bit. The spell must have worked well because Mr. Athao said he saw a mean blinking tentacle cat with two people riding it lurking around us while we were sleeping.

Bard’s Log – Moon 5 Day 3
In the morning we wandered into the swamp, Mr. Kindle saw a bee hive in a split tree. This made me miss having a fresh supply of mead… sadly the bees didn’t seem to be in the best shape so we couldn’t burgle any honey from them, not that any of us know how to actually make mead.

Mr. Athao sensed that a horse was somewhere in the area so we wandered closer to the river, thankfully Mr. Mump isn’t just a good healer, but he kept us all walking on water, which kept us all quite clean and dry. A bit later we found the strangest thing, a female goblin body wearing a yellow dress with white lace… this is fashion that is well beyond that of goblins, something much more suited for a propper halfling day on the green. The goblin girl had her neck slit and had been floating down the river long enough for the dress to rot. Norundra is a strange place when people be tossing strangely overdressed goblins into the river like that.

Anyhow, shortly after Mr. Kindle saw a tall elf with dark hair and a big spear riding a pretty white horse through the swamp. We went to meet him, his name is Karobe, he says that he comes from the Wood elf city, just before it fell… he must be very old, but he doesn’t look much older than Mr. Athao. He said that he runs a school for wayward goblins, teaching them to be proper citizens along with his three wives. He offered us food and drink if we followed him to his house in the center of the swamp. Finally, a wood elf that drinks!!! I knew they couldn’t all be crazy!

I climbed up on Mump’s shoulder and played a few songs as we walked to Karobe’s house, Mump moves a lot faster than I do without Omelette.

Karobe’s house was surrounded by a bunch of brambles that looked rather difficult to get through, so sneaking in or out might be difficult, good thing he seems like a proper gentle-elf. When we reached his house, it became apparent that this is really a village of sorts, with many goblin families living in sheds with a school house that Karobe and his wives live above. There was even a farmhouse that had many pastel drawings of flowers on it. Karobe’s wives were out and running errands so he brought out some tea and gingerbread cookies. It has been ages since I last had cookies, they were lovely, though they could have used something a bit stronger than tea as a chaser.

Mr. Kindle and Mump traded some items to Karobe since he needed gifts to give his wives, needed to have nice gifts in threes so none of them would feel left out, very wise.

We talked with Karobe a bit and Mump offered to heal any of the goblins who were injured. Karobe went door to door asking if any needed healing, leaving us alone in his house with all the goblin children. Mr. Squeakers felt that this was the perfect time to tell a story, so he jumped up on a table and started to tell the goblin children a story about a knight who liked to chase after windmills. The children seemed to like Mr. Squeakers a bit too much and tried to eat him, so Mump was kind enough to help protect Mr. Squeakers and myself from harm as I told the story. I am not sure where Mr. Kindle and Ms. Nook went during this, but I didn’t see them in the room, but they tend to vanish from time to time so I thought nothing of it. After Mr. Squeakers finished the story the goblin children got a bit riled up trying to prove who was the best knight… after breaking a chair and causing some noise Karobe came back and got them all focused in the right direction. Since nobody needed healing I drug Mump off to talk with Snowflake, Karobe’s horse, while I brushed her.

After talking with Karobe for a bit we learned that his three wives live here keeping a very old female black dragon named Feroxmora asleep. This sounds rather similar to a situation that the Eladrin in Starlight Throne do, only I think their dragon is green and sleeps because it wants to.

The others asked Karobe about the Oakenshield elf and his now Vampire wife. It turns out that Karobe knew them, and he had some interesting things to say about them and the situation… I mostly forgot those details, so I will have to remember to write those down in the blank book that Athao gave me, it might be able to help me remember things…

It came time for dinner so Karobe gathered all the goblins and us into the house and had us sit down at a long table. Then we heard the oddest sound, a THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, that sounded like a one legged giant hopping through the swamp. This was soon followed by footsteps on the porch and the entrance of Karobe’s wives.

end session 1 -

We quickly got up from the table to meet Karobe’s wives as they came in from the porch. First there was an old woman with stringy black hair, dressed in a muddy unkempt bluish dress. She was sitting cross legged on top of a giant death cap mushroom looking person. Her arms were gaunt and looked kind of scaley with bumps that looked like barbs on her forearms. Her name was Morgain.

His second wife was an elven woman with white hair and a yellow dress, she was wearing a belt that interlinked diamonds and squares around it. She had pair of wands inside it, one wand had a toenail and the other was a charred tree branch. Her name was Etheline.

Then there was a pretty elven lady with blond hair and a red dress. She had an adorable purse with cute little animals on it! The purse was packed full of stuff. She wore a shiny silver necklace and had a staff that was split at the top, almost as if it had been struck by lightning. Her name was Pasha.

When everyone was seated again Karobe brought out three bottles and poured a different type of drink for each of his wives. He let me sample all three, they were really good, Pasha had red wine, Morgain had white wine, and Etheline had mead. Quite fitting to find good mead and wines, the wood elves really ought to keep a better stock of beverages, they might end up dying of thirst if they don’t.

As we ate the food we learned that Pasha’s sister is none other than Red Tooth Regassi. She was actually quite happy to learn that Athao and I were present when she died. Though she did mention that we needed to bury and perform a purification ritual to prevent her boyfriend Nex from coming back. I hope the people around Stonesthrow are careful, he is a nasty little floating flame skull. Also I think Mump might like Pasha, because Pasha really hates undead like Mump does.

The three wives had different opinions on a lot of things, one, I think it was Etheline, suggested that the wood elves are too rigid to survive, all they have to do for help is to ask, but they are too stubborn. Morgain mentioned that the Cestari have ‘adapted’ to their situation. She also mentioned that in this world there are opposites for all, and that someone named Anastasia was hers, “I both hate and love her equally.”

Eventually the conversation turned to mentioning Altheia and her resurrection, which Karobe’s wives did not seem to enjoy hearing about. They quickly started talking with Karobe and then set out to do something, talking about magic ley lines or something of the sort. Pasha rode off on a huge boar, Morgain on a giant mushroom man dressed like a carriage driver and Etheline climbed into a giant’s boot that hopped off on its own. Not as pretty as Omelette, but very cool!

After the wives left we finished up eating and talking and Karobe showed us to our room. We decided to keep watch and I drew first watch, so I went up and drank some more with Karobe, and sharing songs that he knew, I had almost finished drinking him under the table when I realized that I should probably help Mr. Athao out with watch, so I skipped back to the room to make sure that Mr. Kindle wasn’t snoring.

Bard’s Log – Moon 5 Day 4
When we woke in the morning it was to the most glorious smell… fresh cooked bacon! Everyone else was talking about what it was that we should do and making plans about this and that, so I felt it was best to start in at breakfast before it got cold.

When I got to the table each of Karobe’s wives came in bringing a different type of food, I sat there eating and talking with them for quite some time before the others came up from the room. While we were eating Pasha brought out two gifts, one for Athao and one for me as a thanks for killing her sister. She also mentioned that she would very much like to have her sister’s staff, which I think Dolgrin has, but I didn’t mention it because he traveled very far away to Bodolf-ville.

Things were going quite swimmingly until Mr. Kindle mentioned an encounter that he had with an Illithid, and our trip to visit the mean, nasty, evil, scheming, beholder. After that they had Karobe lead us out of their village and help us search for our horses.

We made good time through the swamp, mostly because of Mump’s water walk spell, eventually we stopped because Mr. Kindle saw something in the water. Nook and I thought it might be a Grak-graw, but it turned out to be a little black dragon. Karobe rode his horse toward it, yelling, “this is not your fight.” but we filled it full of arrows and spells until it dove under water and swam off. We continued south until nightfall where we made camp. At night Karobe and Athao found a bunch of Ghasts lurking around our camp, so we dispatched them quickly and then went back to sleep.

end session 2 -

Bard’s Log – Moon 5 Day 5
When we woke up we started south again looking for horses. After a time Mr. Kindle looked back behind us and saw something odd, a willow tree with eight bodies hanging from it, one of which moving. Mump and I ran forward to try and see what we could do to help, while Kindle, Nook, and Athao tried to shoot the rope holding the person up, Nook managed to cut the rope with one of her arrows and the body fell. Mump went and removed the noose and healed the person, who spoke up and warned us of a dragon attack, just before a much larger black dragon with horns surfaced from the water near by.

The dragon came charging at us roaring with furry. Athao, Nook, and Mr. Kindle started loosing arrows at the dragon, while Karobe dismounted and sent Snowflake away, charging at the dragon yelling, “this is not your fight!” I think he likes saying that every time he sees a dragon. I don’t think that the knight heard him because she picked up a rusty old sword and charged at the dragon.The dragon looked a bit ill, who could blame it after swimming through the swamp and drinking all that fetid swamp water. Seeing this Mump and I took cover behind the giant willow tree to prevent it from it from vomiting on us. While we were there Mump sent a message to Pasha letting her know that her husband was about to be a dragon snack. She replied back that he will be fine and bring a nice trophy home. Meanwhile the dragon, who was attacking Athao, let loose a rather loud roar. The roar hurt my ears and fearing that I might be deaf, I snuck around the otherside of the tree. I quickly fetched Mr. Squeakers to have a quick conversation to check that my ears were still working. Mr. Squeakers advised that I take a few sips of something strong to celebrate the fact that I could still hear, I felt this was quite sound advice so I took a few sips of whiskey and then performed some pyrotechnics to try and ruffle the dragon’s scales. After partaking of a bit more liquid courage I skipped after the dragon, who was quite a good distance away. It seems that the dragon was flapping around trying to land on Mr. Kindle, Athao or Karobe. Mr. Athao used Pasha’s gift to summon two dire wolves, I called one Mr. Floofy and the other one The Banderfloof. It seems that my fear of the dragon getting sick was well founded, it had vomited several times, expelling fire on multiple occasions and once a greenish goop that made The Banderfloof’s eyes close for a while. The Banderfloof and Mr. Floofy were running all around the swamp. Mr. Floofy looked like he was having an especially fun time playing fetch with the knight. He kept bringing her one of Nook or Mr. Kindle’s daggers, she would then throw it at the dagger, and Mr. Floofy would fetch it. He was a good puppy! Once while the dragon was flapping in the air, Mump picked Nook up and threw her at the dragon. She did her usual stabberation, she must be accustomed to the heights, since wyverns always seem to try and carry her off. The dragon moved over Mr. Kindle and was trying to smoosh him with its tail when I finally caught up with everyone. I used a song to paint his tail pink, it made him almost look stylish, and helped his complexion quite a bit. After that I think the dragon started flying away from us, I think he felt pretty and wanted to fly off to impress a female dragon. Mr. Kindle and Athao hopped on Mr. Floofy and The Banderfloof and rode after the dragon poking it with arrows until it came crashing down in the swamp. Sadly he didn’t get to show of his pretty pink glow to his female friends… Oh well, Mr. Kindle says he can make me some stylish dragon armor from him and I might be able to have any leftover scraps to make a dragon puppet!

After killing the dragon Mr. Kindle started carving it apart and giving bundles for Mump and the rest of us to cary. We also found out that the knight was a woman named Zaria who had been hanging there for three years… her face was a bit, umm, melted, from the dragon and time in the swamp. She apparently didn’t know that this happened so Nook and I spent some time talking with her about the changes to her appearance. Mump studied her and thinks that she is like Alric and sent back from death to achieve some other goal. We parted with Karobe and gave him some parts of the dragon to take back to his wives. I hope we get to visit Mr. Karobe’s village again, they had good bacon, and wine, and mead, and cookies too.

Zaria mentioned that she and the people who were hanging in the tree with her come from the far south, like us, and were seeking to kill the black dragon that sleeps in the swamp. We spent some time cutting down bodies and Mump gave them a proper burial because Mump good healer.

We set back to the Heartwood after Athao and Kindle marked the location of the dragon’s lair. We made good time to the Heartwood with Mr. Kindle leading and Mr. Kindle even managed to avoid all the nasty traps!

When we drew close to the hearwood we heard music being played on wood pipes, something that sounded very Fey in its composition. After hearing it for a bit I joined in on the tune with my flute. Following the music we encountered a faun named Bofajol, who others have a history with. He was playing a song and dancing with Omelette, Egg, and Maple!!! After talking with him for a while and thanking him for taking care of our friends Mr. Kindle agreed to speak with Valanthe on his behalf so that he can have his banishment from around the heart tree lifted. Before leaving we traded drinks, I gave him some of my mead and he gave me some wonderous drink, I must find more of this!


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