Scouting out the Giants - Part 1

Year 568, Moon 4, Days ??? - ???

This place. The elves. The tree. The Kampestries. All familiar hallmarks of a home left behind yet alien at the same time. All of these people are warriors. Even the younglings train for battle. Willing to give up their lives to defend this place. This tree. These are noble people. This is a place worth defending. A people worth saving.

These are the thoughts that drift through Thakko's mind while he stands his usual vigil by his mistress as she studies ancient texts and converses with various wood elves in search of knowledge. 

A group of the younglings run past Thakko and Rivyre. One almost colliding with him as they were engaged in a game that Thakko can only sum up as "Chase the Troll." Their childish laughter and glee shadowed with the tales of the ice trolls that roam the outer borders of this "city". They stop not far away from them and draw short swords made of bone and wood. "I'm gonna eat you!" "No, you're not! I'm Haderai, master of the blade!. I'll kill you foul troll!" the children exclaim back and forth at one another before engaging in melee combat.

While there is still the joyous laughter of children playing, Thakko can see that they are really sparring. One of the children land a blow on the "troll" and draws blood. None of them stop but keep fighting. The "troll" winces but for a moment and continues deflecting their assaults… biding time for their own attack. Thakko continues watching for a moment until he interrupts their playing by issuing a sharp "Halt" which even startles Rivyre. The children, unsure of what is about to happen as the metal being steps forth and peers at them with his glowing red eyes, abide by the command. They stand there stunned for a moment as he strides up to them. One of the children lets their blade dip down from a ready position to let it rest in the dirt.

"First, never let your guard down. Keep that blade up. Always be ready for attack." Thakko points as the child quickly corrects themselves and pulls the blade up to their chest. "You're over extending on your attack. When you lunge, you expose your left side. Your opponent can side step and your whole back is open to them. Try it again. This time take only half of a step being mindful of your left." The children are still shocked as the words wash over them. "Again, snap snap." Thakko barks at the children as they snap out of their daze. They take up their positions and attack the "troll". Being mindful of the advice given and practicing as coached. Rivyre lets out a soft laugh as she recalls all of the times that she has heard the words "Again, snap snap." during her training.

This is a place worth defending. A people worth saving. That thought echos in Thakko's mind as he watches the children practicing. 

"Mistress, I feel that some reconnoiter is appropriate. We should go see what forces the giants have amassed in the north west. You seem safe under the canopy of this tree and with these people. I can go with some of our compatriots to scout it out. Maybe we can find some cold iron to aid our fight against the trolls you spoke of." Thakko says with his back to her, arms crossed behind him as he observes the children. "Indeed, I will be safe here." she replies trying to contain herself slightly that she would have some time alone without her ever vigilant guard and butler. "Very well then. I'm sure I overheard Myru and Cedeore talking about doing the same thing. I'll depart with them on the morrow."




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