Into the Mountain - part 2

Moon 9 Day 21 - Moon 10 Day 15

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“This is dumb.” 

“It has been days since I last tasted fresh air and saw anything green. I would kill for some bacon, a mug of ale, and a warm bed. And I am surrounded by morons.”  

*Arturia is telling this story to Mump and Dolgrin

These were my constant thoughts since we entered the cave. I was traveling with a disturbed dwarf, an idiot, and some shady guy who I am pretty sure came to Stone’s Throw to assassinate someone…… 

Anyways, Huaki told you about the lizard things and the gargoyle’s so I will pick up where things actually get interesting: 

Having just slain the gargoyles we decided to venture even further into this ****** hellhole for some ******* ******* reason. We ventured into the “stone garden” (this according to carreg but who knows) and past the largest stone gate I have ever seen, into a hall made entirely of this creepy black stone. It was the darkest place I have ever experienced and I am not normally troubled by the darkness. Two giant dwarven statues carved entirely from this stone stood sentry at the entrance. Carreg seems to think the Duergar build this place. Inside the next room, towering at least 50 feet high, was another statue of the dwarven god Laduguer. Carreg informed me that carved at the base of this statue were these words:

Obedience to One’s Leader 

Empowerment Through Exploitation 

Enrichment Through Creation 

Protection by Force of Might 

(I wrote them down so I could remember to mock Rael about how silly Dwarves are sometimes) 

Venturing forth we saw a strange form in the next room so I offered, once again, to provide Sinj with a blessing from the mighty owl spirit. (seriously, what idiot doesn’t want to see in the dark…inside a ****** cave?!) I got really excited as I thought maybe this guy is finally going to open up and stop being such a weirdo but at the last second he seemed to change his mind and stopped me. I must have accidentally alarmed some creature because no sooner than he stopped me we heard loud noises moving in our direction. We ran into the next room and hid. In here we saw another statue but this one was unlike the others. This one was clearly a giant and was clearly not carved like the others. He seemed…lifelike. His gaze was turned away from us and when we looked in that direction we saw a small trench, and on the other side, a city made entirely of stone!  

The stone city seems to go on forever but in the dark I could not be sure how far it spread. We checked the first stone building and found what was once a tavern. This is where **** got creepy. Inside the Tavern the stone tables had all been smashed and slashed in a strange manner. And there was a dwarf made entirely of stone. I am pretty sure he used to be living. I entered the kitchen and found 3 elves, also turned to stone, all staring at me. This was the creepiest thing I have ever seen but I am pretty brave so I didn’t let it bother me too much. 

***Note from Jo : This is where Carreg snuck up behind Arturia, made a panicked face, turned himself to stone, rolled a great deception check, and Arturia freaked out and turned into a bear. Thanks Jason…..

 Carreg came into the kitchen, noticed the elves, ran up, smashed one of them and… well…. relieved himself on the stone fragments.

 Did I mention that I was surrounded by morons?

 His smashing and yelling must have been what alerted the creature of our presence. We never saw her but we heard her approaching. She was talking to herself in dwarven which was disconcerting but what made my fur stand on end was the sound of slithering. The sound of heavy slithering movement on stone accompanied by what sounds like 20 or so snakes all slithering together in a mass. Later Carreg told me she was looking for a priest but also seemed to mean us harm.

 Sinj mde a distraction by throwing a stone and she crossed the street to another stone house. Suddenly we heard her screaming, and the sounds of a fight. When it was once again silent Huaki looked to see what had happened and we found the corpses of two creatures I have never seen before. Brown almond-like heads with a beak and a sharp appendage. One had been shot with arrows and the other had been completely turned to stone.

 So yeah we left pretty quick after that.

 We snuck back the way we came and discovered what had made the heavy footsteps before. I don't really know what it was but it seemed to be some sort of…stone..dwarf…thing? It came out of the wall and looked at us. Carreg tried to talk to it but it didn’t really do anything.

 As we headed back towards the surface we encountered some gnolls and dealt with them swiftly (let’s just say the last thing they expected to find on the other side of that cave-in was a giant grizzly bear *Arturia laughs way too much at this part and takes another swig of Dolgrin’s Witch’s Brew)

We were almost back to the fork in the path and I was dreaming of grass, meat, and fresh breezes when everything got extra stupid.

 We were awoken by a boulder crashing into the cave wall near our camp. Carreg stepped forward, and seeing that it was a giant, turned to stone and started yelling at it in giant-tongue. I am pretty sure he said something about it’s mother because this really pissed the giant off. I think the giant just wanted us to leave but Carreg….. Would. Not. Shut. Up. I swear that dwarf has a ******* death wish.

 Then to make matters worse…. Sinj, in all his ******* brilliance, decides to rush the giant.


 Of course the giant turns and punts him across the cave. Well deserved in my opinion. Luckily Jade, Huaki, and myself were able to calm everyone down and we escaped with our lives…..BEARLY. *Arturia starts laughing again and takes another swig of drink

 I am having second thoughts about joining up with these idiots in the future but if I won't go back to Stone’s Throw I am not sure I can help who I travel with these days…..

 *Aturia kinda forgets to keep talking and soon passes out from consuming too much of Dolgrin’s Witch’s Brew


***Also, here is a stupid doodle:



if you cant read my chicken scratch on the doodle here is what they are saying:

Arturia: This is fine…
Huaki: Ah yes, the work of Kitava
Jade: I did not know
Carreg: …. will kick you in the balls and set you on fire…and LAUGH
Sinj: Mm… yes, the others

Into the Mountain - part 2

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