Whisper and legend tell of a time when a great empire spanned the lands of Norundra; before the fall, before the dark times. While countless warlords and barons squabble over your homelands, the eyes of brave, foolish, and ambitious adventurers turn to far off Norundra in search of a destiny denied them by the hubris of those who would call themselves kings.

Here, on the other side of Caechlan Pass through the Rampart Mountains, sits the unassuming border outpost of Stone’s Throw. Long abandoned and recently resettled by free men, Stone’s Throw has become known within certain circles due to the rumors of great wealth and power to be had by those brave enough to venture beyond the Ramparts.

Each of you have come upon a map of the region, poorly detailed but nonetheless worthy enough of your attention to draw you to the edge of the known world. It was not until you arrived at the door to The Last Ale inn and trade post that you realized you were not alone in your quest.

It is up to you to find your destiny in Norundra. Explore its ruins, discover its secrets, and plunder its riches. In years to come will your name be celebrated as one who conquered Norundra, or will it be forgotten in a shallow grave?