Magic Item Creation

As per the rules located on pages 128 – 129 in the DMG. A summary follows.

- Normal Healing Potions can be created for 1/2 the listed price of any other magic item because no actual magic is used.
Example: A common healing potion starts at 100gp for a common item, price is halved for a one-use item to 50gp, and then halved again to 25gp because it requires no actual magic, just an herbalism or alchemist kit or equivalent.

- Common items do not require a formula.

All other items follow the normal rules which are in summary:

  1. First, you need a formula that describes the item and how to make it. These must be found.
  2. Second, you must be a spellcaster with spell slots and be able to cast any spells the item can produce.
  3. Third, you must meet the minimum level requirement of the item indicated by its rarity (see below).
  4.  Fourth, you must spend the money and time necessary to complete the item (see below).
  5. Fifth, some items may require rare components or procedures found in the world as indicated by the formula. (Example: The hide from a displacer beast to create a cloak of displacement).

Magic Item Costs
Common: Requires 3rd level
- 100gp + 4 days
- 50gp + 2 days for one use item.
- Healing Potion = 25gp + 1 day

Uncommon: Requires 3rd level
- 500gp + 20 days
- 250gp + 10 days for one use item

Rare: Requires 6th level
- 5,000gp + 200 days
- 2,500gp + 100 days for one use item

Very Rare: Requires 11th level
- 50,000gp + 2,000 days
- 25,000gp + 1,000 days for one use item

Legendary: Requires 17th level
- 500,000gp + 20,000 days
- 250,000gp + 10,000 days for one use item

Note: You may combine time from multiple people toward creating a magic item to shorten the time needed to create it, but all those involved must meet the requirements to do so.

Furthermore, there are a maximum number of people that can work on an item based on the type of item.

Weapon = 3 max (head/blade, handle, crossguard/etc)
Shield = 2 max (face, handle/straps)
Light Armor = 3 max (chest, 2x arms)
Medium Armor = 4 max (chest, 2x arms, head/helmet)
Heavy Armor = 6 max (chest, 2x arms, head/helmet, 2x legs)

Scrolls are a different animals since like potions they are one use items, but they require the user to be a spellcaster, so their cost is further reduced.
Cantrip Scroll = 5 gp plus material components
1st level Scroll = 25 gp plus material components
2nd level Scroll = 67.5 gp plus material components
3rd level Scroll = 125 gp plus material components
4th level Scroll = 625 gp plus material components
5th level Scroll = 1,250 gp plus material components
6th level Scroll = 6,250 gp plus material components
7th level Scroll = 12,500 gp plus material components
8th level Scroll = 62,500 gp plus material components
9th level Scroll = 125,000 gp plus material components

Magic Item Creation

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