The Thaw
Year 567 - Spring - 4th Moon

You set out from your homeland in the hopes of making it across the Caechlan Pass as soon as it was open. Another moon may have been the wiser choice; for the better part of that moon you sliced your way through snowed in valleys and up razor thin paths slick with ice. It was miserable, daunting, and perilous, but you made it.

The descent to Stone's Throw left the snow behind and returned the sun once more to your eyes. Two days later you were there, a thin ribbon of grey smoke promising respite from the elements and a chance to recover the strength you would need over the coming moons.

You were in Norundra now, a land without a king and nary a care for one. And you were not alone. Arriving before you and in the days to come, adventurers like you have trickled in to Stone's Throw, swelling its population to thrice its size.

There is an uneasy air to the place, both from the tension of so many newcomers (and their assorted expertise in less than wholesome professional pursuits) and the eagerness to put those skills to good use. You are a motley band, but each quite capable in their own right, though no doubt stronger together.

Parties are gathering, plans are forming, and Norundra is calling.

What do you do?

Exploring the Western Ramparts
Year 567 - Spring - 4th Moon - Days 1-6

Carreg Killfinger, a dwarven sorcerer of obvious skill, has scraped together a band of able bodied adventurers to explore the mountains west of Stone's Throw. The cold has subsided, for now, and a blissful warm spring day has promised to make short work of winter's blanket upon the land. The songs of birds fill the air as the morning sun crests the eastern Rampart mountains and reveals a cloudless sky – the first in many weeks.

What will this expedition discover in the peaks overlooking Stone's Throw and the southern expanse of Norundra? Perhaps they will return to boast of their discoveries, else their remains become discoveries themselves by the next cadre seeking adventure in the Rampart Mountains.

Into the Lion's Valley
Year 567 - 4th Moon - Days 7-10

Myru Amanodel gathered a group of adventurers to explore Lion's Valley after hearing the tales from the previous expedition. The weather had been sour all week, but the day of their excursion promised clear skies, according to the eladrin druid.

Three days later they returned, none-the-worse for wear, but their eyes suggested they had a tale to tell.

Exploring the Eastern Ramparts
Year 567, 4th Moon, Days 11-16

Carreg Killfinger had recruited a band to go explore the eastern Rampart mountains, but the rains had gotten to him, and he made the decisive choice to stay at Stone's Throw instead. Taking his place on the expedition was Rivyre and her bodyguard, Thakko.

This cadre's jaunt into the mountains began with a false start, as a wrong turn early on lead them into a southward stretching canyon where they were ambushed by a massive phase spider. Thakko was grievously wounded, but fought on, and the party eventually sent the creature fleeing, minus a leg.

Returning to Stone's Throw for the evening, the party rested up and regrouped before heading out the next day. Rain greeted them at dawn, the warm winds from the previous day having brought a squall. Travel was miserable, with the group overcompensating and taking a northerly route, but the quickly identified this misstep and got onto the right path.

By the second day the party had made good time, the squall having blown itself out, and providing clear skies. Spring, it seemed, had finally come. And in true fashion, spring brought out the mating animals. A pair of giant goats battled for dominance on a nearby slope which the party easily circumvented. As night fell, however, a visitor came into camp.

A terrible 8 legged lizard with luminescent blue-green eyes had caught the scent of the encampment and had come to investigate for food. It was swiftly dispatched through javelin, stave, and spell; and in no small part by the grace of the morning lord, Lathander. A hint at this creature's deadly power was felt, albeit briefly, by Zog, whose body stiffened at a mere meeting of eyes with the beast, before whatever dread gaze it commanded was shaken off. Death, it seems, would have to be satisfied with only one corpse this night.

Within the creature's innards the party discovered an unexpected boon; gemstones. Rough and formed within chunks of partially digested stone, it appears this creature has either a taste for gemstones, or a strange ability to create them from rock it has eaten. A petrified giant goat found the next day provided insight into the later, as its mostly missing form showed evidence of bite marks carved into stone carcass.

Atop this mountain, the party surveyed the lands of Norundra, discovering the true vastness of the forest to the northeast, but little else that was new. Of note; no mountain ranges could be spied in any direction, save further to the east or west where the Ramparts stretch on to the horizon.

Seeking the Elf in the Western Ramparts
Year 567, 4th Moon, Days 17-19

Myru, Cedeore, Zog, and two newcomers; Athao and Dolgrin, set out to find the elven woman in the western Rampart Mountains. They spotted her briefly on the first day, after locating one of her mistletoe plants, and tracked her to a rock out croping on the next ridge. When they arrived, however, there was no sign of her passing.

Leaving a message scrawled in Druidic, the party sought a defensible camp after being warned by Zog that she would likely come for them in the night, with her wolves. Selecting a location at the base of a near vertical escarpment, they settled in with a freshly hunted deer and some rabbits to wait.

Sure as clockwork, the elf made her presence known by dropping pebbles onto the encampment from the top of the escarpment. She warned them again to leave and never return; saying only death awaited them. Her disdain for Dolgrin and Zog became quite clear during the cryptic conversation. Meanwhile, Athao circled around and up the escarpment to try and get close to her.

Laying a trap along the path she took, Athao waited until the conversation ended. Just as the elf was about to step into the trap, Athao fired a warning shot from his bow and parlayed with her at bow point. The elf was hesitant to attack, but pointed out that Athao was alone. What words they exchanged are Athao's to share, but he let her go after a short conversation without bloodshed.

Traveling east, the party made their way across Caechlan Pass and to the eastern side of the Lion's Valley. In the night they were visited by a strange glowing blue light that they could communicate with, albeit only with yes or no questions. Blinking once for yes, and twice for no, the mote of spiritual energy eventually convinced the party to follow it through the moonlit night.

As they traveled Myru and Cedeore realized that they were being taken back to the Ashen Vale. The light seemed to indicate that there was no danger there, but the party was still quite wary; especially those who had visited the vale the week before. Cautiously approaching the blackened ash covered valley floor, Cedeore and Myru began detecting for undead and magic. Soon, however, battle was joined with the charred skeletons that seem to infest the area.

This time, however, the battle was different. While skeletons rose from the ashes like before, a second group came up and over the hillside behind the party, cutting off their escape up the switchback. And worse yet, a second mote of bluish spiritual energy arrived with them, changing color to and angry purple which began to emit lightning at Zog and some others. The first light also came over after a time and attacked.

The battle was ferocious, and the spheres of light seemed to be the most dangerous of the opponents, nearly killing Myru with a single bolt of energy. Eventually, however, the skeletons were destroyed and the motes of light retreated; one seriously damaged by Cedeore's divine smite. At this point, the black blob in the center of the vale made itself known, and began moving toward the party.

The party, however, decided that discretion was the better part of valour and retreated – returning to Stone's Throw the next evening after a hurried march. (Also, it was quite late).

Exploring the Emradi Forest
Year 567 4th Moon Day 20 - 5th Moon Day 4

Rivyre recruited Alaric and Mump to accompany her on a journey to the forest in the northeast which they had spied from the Eastern Ramparts on a previous excursion.

They learned that the forest was known as the Emradi Forest, and it was something that Rivyre sought. They also encountered a variety of deadly creatures in and near the forest, as well as some more amiable to words before swords.

Most notable to the people of Stone's Throw was their early return on the 23rd. They returned laden with arms and armor that, according to their accounts, were carried by a small group of lethal orcs that attacked their camp in the night. Most prized of the spoils was a suit of orcish made full plate armor, which Alaric repaired and resized to fit his somewhat smaller frame.

Their second foray took over a week and saw them into the forest proper. Their return from there brought exciting questions and the hides of two fearsome feywild creatures known to Rivyre as Displacer Beasts.

Exploring the Eastern Ramparts 2
Year 567, 4th Moon, Days 20-25

Carreg Killfinger, having kicked the sniffles, gathered up a party consisting of Arturia, Rael, Jade, and Soskodmorah (and his giant lizard mount), to head to the eastern ramparts and check out the second mountain.

They returned on the 25th having confirmed the death of another songbird lady and looking a little worn and weary from their travel, but otherwise in good shape.

Searching For Elves in the East
Year 567, Moon 4, Day 25 - Moon 5, Day 2

Myru Amanodel approached Thakko as he readied himself to go after Rivyre and her group who had traveled into the North East. She, Cedeore, and two newcomers; Kindle and Nook, agreed to go with Thakko as Myru sought out rumors of elves in the east.

They returned laden with arms and armor of orcish make and stories aplenty to share.

Conquest of the Ashen Vale
Year 567, Moon 5, Days 5-7

Zog, Alaric, Dolgrin, Athao, and newcomer; Apoc, journeyed to the Ashen Vale on a quest to destroy whatever evil plagued that land.

They returned victorious, though not for everyone.

Alaric has been laid to rest in Stone's Throw, and the Ashen Vale has been renamed The Vale of Fort Alaric.

Alaric's return and a push up north
Year 567, Moon 5, Days 9 - 16

Mump, Nook, and Kindle teamed up with newcomer; Clarent Wiggenthorp, to venture north out of Lion's Valley into the Barrens. On the eve before their journey, however, Alaric – naked as the day he was born – wandered into Stone's Throw from the hills. After explaining how he survived his apparent death, he dug up his armor and seemed eager to join the band on the quest to the north.

They returned a week later, laden with spoils, treasures, and tales to tell.


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