Assassination Squad
Year 568, Moon 6, Day 28

Cedeore, Elened, Myru, Sinj, and Urluk embark on a dangerous mission to assassinate one of the orc targets in hopes of weakening the army

Scouting the Orcs
Year 568, Moon 6, Day 27

Clay, Imsh, Tee, and Thorin head out on a scouting mission to gather information on the orc raid headed toward Stone's Throw. Things could possibly end very badly.

Fellowship of the Bear
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 8

With the Ice King dead, Arturia, Clay, Dolgrin, Muzilius, Rael, ZOG, have lots of loose ends to tie up as the Bear Fellowship reflects on what happens, and prepares for the journey back to Stone's Throw.

Kings of Fire and Ice
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 7

The Fellowship of the Bear carries out their assault on the Fortress of Grinding Ice. Arturia, Yueguang, Lucian, and Fiana have infiltrated the fortress to somehow dispel the storm surrounding the fortress. Meanwhile, Dagnatarund and a host of warriors from Grenst assemble to draw the Ice King's forces away leaving him vulnerable. Bodolf joins the rest of the fellowship; Brin, Clay, Dolgrin, Muzilius, Rael, and 206, to soar into the fortress proper and engage the Ice King. They just have to hope that their companions succeed in bringing down that shielding storm, or this whole plan is for nothing.

Rescuing Friendos III
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 28

Benedetto, Carreg, Elened, Imsh, Shaguay, Shale
Chaos breaks loose as we try to gather our things and escape the underground.

Rescuing Friendos II
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 28

Benedetto, Carreg, Elened, Hellsworth , Imsh, Shaguay, Shale
A second part to a second rescue mission to free Shaguay and Shale from a terrifying aboleth and its minions. AKA the liberation of Stone's Tower in the depths.

Tight Fits and a Large Dripping Black Dragon
Moon 5 Day 25

The Fellowship of the Elves move to attack the Giant's Tower and face against Hrothgar

Rescuing Friendos
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 28

Carreg, Benedetto, Imsh, Hellsworth

A second rescue mission is launched to free Shaguay and Shale from the clutches of whatever it is that has them imprisoned.

Scouting the Ice Fortress
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 4 -

Clay, Dolgrin, Muzilius, Rael and Yuèguāng travel towards the Ice Fortress to gather information on how to get to the Ice King

Bears Chasing Gnolls

Moon 5, Day 3 – Moon 5, Day 5 (return)


Dolgrin, Yue, Muzilius, Rael, Lucian hunt down some gnolls up North


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