Assault on the Duergar (part 1)
Year 567, Moon 10, Days ???

Athao, Rael, Sinj, Mump, Carreg

The embers burned a noxious red in Carreg’s pipe as he puffed away at it. “Duergar? Aye, we met some of those mud borne olc troich, and put most of them in the ground. Well, deeper in the ground, in any case. More than just Duergar, much more. What’s that? A story? Do I look like a story teller? I don’t have time for… a beer? For me? Ok, fine, fine, sit down there.”

“You’ll recall that we learned that there was the possibility of a nearby Duergar encampment in the final days before winter set in. So all winter I was left to stew, thinking that those miserable sons of crap were infesting perfectly good mountains just to the West. Whatever else has been going on in these lands, those Duergar needed killing. Fortunately Rael, like any true Dwarf, took up the cause as soon as it was mentioned. That Kill-Sinj fellow seemed hot under the apron to see if there was anything unnatural down below, and he seems competent enough when it comes to… killing… so he was welcome as well. Mump also wanted to come along, and I couldn’t fault that, he’s a good healer to have in a pinch, although why he wanted to take that bird thing deep underground was a mystery to me. And then there was Athao, who I was hesitant to bring along, to be sure, but for a forest elf he hadn’t gone crazy yet, so I thought I’d at least watch how he worked under pressure. There would be another dwarf at my back, so I risked it.”

“So as soon as the weather broke we set out, determined to check out just how bad the Duergar blight was.”

“I’ll say one thing for that elf, the miles pass quickly with him in tow. Before we knew it we were at Red Teeth’s forest and looking for the river. While looking for the river we stumbled across a mound of stinking offal just lying on the ground. The kill sword crept up to it while the rest of us were warry, and sure enough something, probably some servant of Red Teeth’s, burst out of the ground and started to gnaw on Sinj with tentacles and whatnot. Rael charged in to help, and the rest of us kept our distance and applied ranged support, but I have to tell you, there’s something that comes over Sinj when he’s facing something that clearly just shouldn’t be. It’s like he sprouts more arms with more swords, and yells with more lungs.” Carreg takes a drag from his pipe and looks across the long house at where Sinj is sitting at the bar drinking; “Good in a fight, but, there’s something about that lad. In any case, Sinj chopped its head off before it could do much damage to him.”

“Fearing the commotion would draw Red Teeth to us we pushed on through the night to cross the river before camping. Sure enough, just like last time, Evan showed up while we were camping and decided to shoot the shit. He’s a nice enough fellow, for someone who lives right in the middle of a damnable forest, but why the hell does he always show up in the middle of the night?”

“Another days travel got us to the entrance into the mountain and down to the crossroads.  It was at this point that Athao realized that the previous unknown hieroglyph above the fourth door meant ‘mushroom’ or ‘fungus’.  Although he’d mostly seen it associated with mushroom farms, he said it also might be associated with a race of walking fungus. We decided to stick to the original plan and go down the Duergar path, rather than the fungus path. Once again the architecture seemed to be of dwarven design, when present, although there were several large caves and caverns unworked by tool or hand.”

“The miles crept on deep within the earth, but eventually we came out into a large cavern with a thin rocky ledge that went completely around a thirty foot drop to the bottom which was covered in bones of various shapes and sizes. We decided that inching along the ledge was a ticket for an ambush, so we climbed down to the ossuary floor and started exploring. Twice we were ambushed by a large leathery creature that dropped onto us from the ceiling. We called them bite blankets, but despite their unusual appearance they were dispatched without much worry. I believe we brought the remains of one back.” Carreg waves over to the bar with his pipe stem. “You should give it a look. When the bite blankets are hiding along the ceiling, they’re nearly indistinguishable from rock. But now that you’re forewarned I should expect none of you to be ambushed by their ilk.”

“After a half days travel we came across an odd cavern with a single large white geode set into the floor and three other exits. I attempted to break off a piece with my hammer, but my strongest blow resulted in a single loud gong and no loosening of even a single facet. Mump started to study the crystal mystically, while the rest of us stood guard, but within minutes a red glow started to emanate from the center of the crystal. The glow expanded, and soon was overtaken by a yellow pulse from the center, and then an orange one. The stroboscopic colors continued to fill the room, faster and faster, until our fascination was interrupted by the sound of scrabbling and clawing coming from one of the hallways into the crystal chamber.”

“We braced for an attack, and sure enough the same stinking lizard creatures we’d encountered in our last adventures down below swarmed over us once again. And as quickly as we dispatched their ilk last time, we put them down again. Oddly, as soon as the last of them died the crystal went dim. We quickly moved out of that cavern, as the stench was something incredible, down one of the remaining two paths.”

“A little further down the cave was when we finally encountered the shittiest of the dwarven races, the Duergar. While most of us were asleep the Duergar set up an ambush, having eight of their number sneak into our camp while invisible, and then two more of their number who stayed visible astride leanabh ag ithe spiders commanded us to throw down our weapons and chain ourselves for slavery. We told them where they could affix their rotten chains and at that moment four of the invisible stalkers appeared around us and struck out. The battle was joined in earnest, but when it started going against them, despite the advantage of their cowardly ambush, the rest of their forces appeared as reinforcement. Throughout the battle they deigned to condescend to us, rife with haughty hubris, and yet when their reinforcements also started to fall they scattered like the wet trousered filth they are. We managed to cull eight of the ten, but two of their number did elude us.”

“We then decided that it was prudent to back up to the crystal room in case they came after us with a larger force. We discovered that in our absence the corpses of the lizards had been cleared away, so we wisely camped a little farther up one of the passages away from the crystal room. While camping the crystal once again decided to light up so we backed up into the shadows a bit more and spied a large force of those stinking lizard folk coming into the crystal room, wounded but victorious from a raid up one of the unexplored other passages. Their raid retreated back down the cavern that we’d seen them attack from previously.”

“We decided now that the crystal was a warning device used to alert the approach of the lizard men, and we supposed that our slaying of the lizard people previously might have sparked a retaliatory raid. We ventured up the path that the lizard people had raided and found only dead Gnolls. So we returned to the crystal cave and then turned into the stinking caverns of the lizard people, thinking them probably too wounded to defend themselves well.”

Carreg glances down at his now dry ale mug, “And what came next was truly a harrowing tale, but it’s not something to be told with a dry tongue.”

(continued in part 2)

Muzilius' First Adventure
Year 567, Moon 10, Days 19 - 24 Arturia, Dolgrin, Clay, Muzilius, ZOG

(written in Muzilius perspective)
I've managed to talk and drink my way into my first adventure! This drunken druid, Dolgrin, spoke of undead with another bubbly and oddly smelling druid, Arturia, and there came an opportunity to offer my services to purge the natural world of the unnatural! Dolgrin offered me a drink, and it seemed the only way to gain favor with these two. The long-beard druid made it himself and it packed quite the pick me up. Enough so that my inhibitions left my body like my spirit when meditating and so I took another. I didn't notice it until after, but this flask was different… And so was the drink. My body slowly began to illuminate as if a sun was pressing itself through each of my pores until I was so bright my new friends nearly went blind!


This proper type, who seemed to be more about battle with his words than his hands, joined our party. He drew everyone around him in, and even some from across the room, including the eye of a particularly fair girl with hair more red than the demon who curses me. Arturia like him, though it seemed for his skills rather than his unavoidable smile and quick tongue.


After several more Dolgrin showed me The Pit, where Yar, a giant of a man who can double and halve his size, fought some unseen warrior, picking himself up with one hand and slamming this poor soul back down into the crudely dug hole. I wanted to prove myself as a truly capable adventurer, so I hoped in to fight, knowing my opponent was one already beaten. Turns out metal men exist and not only know how to take a hit from a 14 foot man, but also knows how to throw their substantial weight into a punch. Luckily for me, Arturia is far more than she seems; it takes a bear with antlers to stand paw to metal boot with a metal man.

I slept through my fist-induced headache only to wake to a hangover that made me wish I'd been back in that Pit. 

I've made new friends, but I keep them at a safe distance. I'd hate for them to fall prey to my curse.

We head out, though I know not where. I feel I can trust these two druids, and having zog, my metal opponent from The Pit, as part of our adventure made me sleep easier. Clay, I found out later, is a fantastic musician and sings with the voice of an angel. I'm unsure of his usefulness as an adventurer, but they say music tames the beast, and mind could always use a reason to relax.

At first our travels were swift and uneventful, however I did feel the pain and suffocation of life of parts of the forests we used as cover. Slight rains came and the group seemed to fear something they kept referring to as the "red toothed regazi". There may have also seen a Griffin flying overhead, though what we saw of it made it difficult to tell. Apparently the adventurer and good healer, Mump, is caring for a griffin back in Stone's Throw. I'm very interested in meeting it!

Arturia can not only turn into animals but also converse with them! For all her quirks, she's incredibly talented. This bird told her of nearby harpies and helped us decide where to avoid and where to go. I don't quite understand why we kept avoiding adventure.

One night, after having set up camp, Dolgrin and I placed or hunting traps down to the West, because the bird have Arturia an uneasy feeling.

The bird was right and I'll be happy to trust Arturia's gut in the future because while talking one of our traps slammed shut around the foot of a humanoid that made no screams of pain… It was undead.

A group of these unnatural heathens were on our camp and my fingers instinctively knocked an arrow, ready to let fly. I may see just fine in the dark, but my friends do not, so I called upon my demon to provide strength to our fire to illuminate or soon to be prey.

Arturia, zog, Dolgrin and clay all spoke words i have heard but don't understand. The undead spoke back… This rattled me to my core. I thought I could trust these fun, fearless, capable adventures, and yet they do not slay these unnatural abominations of evil. Instead they seemed to be negotiating and even aligning their goals! I was shunted aside time and time again, bit if they wouldn't fight, it was not my place to force them to with my actions. 

Arturia managed to guide Clay through a conversation that resulted in another uneasiness in Arturia's gut… Again, I trusted her. She said we should not continue because we had zog. This didn't seem like a sleight to zog, bit it was clearly his presence that might have caused problems larger than our group could have handled. I surmised it was a problem born of words and bonds that would lead to problems of swords and blood and magic on a vary large scale.

At this point I finally understood why Clay was with us. His power over words made him a weapon stronger than a thousand swords. I realize my first thought is to fight, but his is to dodge, weave, and even sting with silver tongue if needed. If my new friends thought fighting wasn't the right play, my trust is deserved. 

Dolgrin lead us back towards Stone's Throw, but someone spotted golden towers in the distance as the morning sun glinted off their prominent spires. The group's excitement was palpable – an unstoppable force that could not be ignored. So of course we went to investigate. 

They murmured the name, gorm shuil, or something and spoke of an ancient city that appears in random locations and spews forth abominations – creatures of nightmares even more unnatural than the undead. How could I say no they the opportunity? I couldn't!

As we crested a hill we saw a giant's upper body above the treetops. Except this giant looked as though it were melting, skin hanging lose. One of its eyes was so large it pushed the other facial features of the the side. This eye also had three pupils and irises, all sliding over the surface independently.

At his feet soldiers and wizards were being turned into limp lumps of broken flesh with every swing of the stone pillar gripped in the Giants hand. One was sent flying our way, slamming into a tree, landing without a breath or soul.

My friends attempted to heal him, but though the flesh did mend, it did nothing to return his soul. His face reformed, but was the grey of death. This looked very odd next to the undamaged portion, which seemed to have been covered in make up to look vibrant and alive.

We decided the giant was to dangerous to fight,  even with the help of the seemingly capable mystery warriors and wizards, but we wanted to learn more from the one flung against the tree, alive or dead.

We saw these mystery warriors deftly attach the giant, but when a solidly landed slice across its calf resulted in a vicious mouth being formed from the wound, gnashing and sharp, we knew this would have been a quick fight, not in our favor.

With unimaginable speed the giant crouched in response to a magic blast that squarely hit its leg. His enormous eye scanned for the magic slinger, locking on. The three pupils forget into one, he very large and then shrunk to a pin point. The attacker's arms flew to his head, screams erupting from deep inside and then he exploded into large blobs connected to the shape that used to be humanoid and crumpled to the ground. 

The giant continued blood misting warriors while we scrambled to collect our other dead prize. The pile of flesh that was once a man began to writhe, bubble, and reform without any sense. The sounds that leaked from it rivaled the revolting viscous fluids that comprised its mass. I loosed an arrow into it. It shrieked and continued its slow, terrifying advance. Dolgrin grabbed our prize and managed to freeze this menacing flesh lump while Clay did something I'd never expect a man of words to do. He ran up to it and threw a dagger at it! I didn't even care of it was entirely ineffective. That man's adventuring spirit shined through nearly as bright as Dolgrin's sun shined through my skin!

Zog was much less impressed and clearly filled with worry. He ran to it, smashed it with his hammer and take a massive hit from the flesh pile that would have again any normal man. Another arrow of mine hit its mark, but Arturia's final blow meant we were free from this fight and could high tail it far far away. 

Dolgrin and Arturia both turned the form off a horse and skiing with our celestial horse companion managed to flee the fighting outside of gorm shuil, back to the safety of a camp.

I got this wicked snake tongue dagger while Dolgrin nabbed an ominous snake amulet that apparently causes dreams to be nightmares. 

He recounted his dream of an imposter golden dawn – some imaginary blue celestial unicorn he claims to know – that spoke of heart sacrifice to gain unlimited power.  Maybe it's a premonition, maybe it was fear and drink shaping his dreamscape.

I don't recall when it was, but my new metal friend was caught in an impenetrable bubble that Clay said was an incredibly powerful giant spell held within his lightning bident he carries on his back. This was just after he took a swig of Dolgrin's special brew – the one that made me glow like a sun!

Now that I'm back in Stone's Throw, I'm stronger, smarter, and 3 times as much an adventurer as I was. I'm also not dead, thanks to my new friends. If my demon curse doesn't take me first, I'll pay all this help forward and pay back my new friends for their guidance and protection.

I haven't longed for home in the past month. Maybe it doesn't call to me… Or maybe my demon just calls stronger.

Journey to White Castle - Clay, Dolgrin, Kindle, Nook, and ZOG
Year 567 Moon 10 Day 25 - Moon 11 Day 3

Clay organized a group to investigate the ruins he saw in the west on the return from his last foray out. They left on Day 25 of Moon 10 and return on Day 3 of Moon 11 as Winter set in.

Hold the Door!

Zog waits patiently for Tee to grow tired of this tiresome game of hide and seek. Each morning is the same, Tee practices his skills and Zog must attempt to find him. Most mornings Zog would fail, and this is one of them. Zog shifts his shield nervously and find comfort in the sounds of of storms in the distance.

Eventually Tee steps out of the brush and and with a nod, the both of them move toward today's work, the beginnings of converting the fighting pit into storage space for the winter food. What a waste of a good pit. No matter, there's all the time in the world to build a new, better, one after the winter.

slam The hammer hits the nail. slam

"So it was really nothing special at first. slam We found some crumbling white stone ruins. slam No different than any of the others we've found." No words, just a nod at the work, and the placement of another board.

"Kindle found it. slam He has a good eye for that kind of thing I think. slam The stairs we found were full of stones and dirt, but nothing I couldn't clear out easily.  slam crack Whoops."

"This is getting repetitive. The wood will only bend so much. Too much anger and it will break." Tee scolded.

"Ya ya…." riiiiiipp Zog easily ripped out the now useless plank and replaced it with a new one.

"So anyway. slam We started descending, but it was really dark. slam I slipped and fell, but Dolgrin's a solid guy, he was able to grab me before I got hurt. slam So anyway, Kindle lit the place up and holy shit did we find some ugly dudes. slam They had no eyes, their foreheads dropped down in fold where their eyes should be, and their lips were peeled back to show their spiked teeth." Zog grabbed a larger board, to try to speed things along.


"Ya ya…" So many rules, this wood stuff had so many rules. Why couldn't it be as easy as blacksmithing. Zog put the board back and picked up a more appropriate smaller one.

"So these uglies slam they come at us full stop. Probably over two dozen of them. slam Thankfully Nook held the line with me, although I don't think Nook enjoys it as much as Alaric does. slam We tore through them, killed em all. They didn't seem able to see so it wasn't too much a problem to kill em quick. slam We sent em running and started checking the place out." Grabbing a new board, Zog was starting to find his rhythm again.

"We started exploring and honestly the place was boring. slam Rotten shelves, rusted Iron doors. slam Most of the doors I just ripped off with no problem. slam " No point in mentioning that goddamned piece of shit door that wouldn't break. That door's day is coming. I'll bash it in something fucking good. slam crack "Whoops."

riiiiiipp slide "So anyway, we started exploring, and before you knew it, the goddamn floor started wrapping up Kindle! slam Nook stabbed the floor and it spilled back into itself, I still don't really get what happened. slam Afterward we found a fountain of water that never runs out. That was fun. slam So anyway, Nook wanted to go back and mess with the floor that tried to kill us, so I followed." slam

Zog straightened as he remembered the encroaching Dark. "Suddenly Uvar's light went out. There were whispers, cold, and writhing things. I didn't know where I was, I hit a wall. Thankfully I remembered what my old friend back home used to say. Right is right. I followed the wall right and found everyone. Just as I did though, the Dark came again. I was able to follow their voices and find them again. Now we were in a hallway I hadn't seen before. I called out Uvar and thankfully its glow returned. Someone cried 'Hold the door!', another cried out that snake monsters were climbing out of the floor. We killed them easily, but the the Dark returned, and the whispering slurping noises."

"It was terrifying. first it enveloped the door. Then the first half of the room. We jumped across the chasm the snake monsters came from and I barreled through another door. I heard a cry behind me and the Dark had followed, right up to the second, broken, door. A rope landed at my feet, I pulled with all my might. A bloody Kindle and an unconscious Dolgrin landed at my feet, just outside the whispering Dark."

"We ran further in. Always the Dark on our heels. It wasn't even the Dark that was the most horrifying part honestly. The worst part were the black hands that reached out of it. They would grab you by the throat and just grip for what felt like forever. Dolgrin said he tried to use his magic to heal, and the Hand just absorbed it, making it not heal." slide

slam The hammer helped keep the fear in Zogs memories from creeping back. "Kindle could understand what the things were speaking. He said they were talking about how there was no way out and that we were trapped." slam creek I didn't know what to do. I'm not afraid to die fighting something, I know that's how it's going to end for me." slam creek "But there was no fuckin way I was gonna let Dolgrin and the rest die with me." slam CRACK

"I told Nook and Kindle it was time." Zog was almost yelling now. "I took off my shield. It felt wrong but it had to be done. I took out my longbow and told Kindle to hold the line, and shoot at their clicks, and to tell me when to fire. It was slow going, and Kindle narrowly dodged some of the hands and ghost serpents attacks, but we were finally able to kill the Dark. Finally it was time for me to do what I do."

Picking up his old trusty greataxe, "I charged into them, more of the uglies who were hiding behind the Dark. Kindle and Dolgrin killed some, and Uvar Spyd killed most of the rest. I stomped the chest of one into the wall and Clay said some words that must have hurt one of their feelings really bad, because they just slumped and stopped moving. I put Uvar Spyd through each one of their hearts, and we ran. We ran, we ran all the way back to Stones Throw."

"I don't know what I'd have done if someone hadn't made it back, but I'll tell you this. Next time we go in there, we're gonna kill em all." Zogs eyes had changed from their normal soft yellow to a piercing crimson. "And that goddamn door!" The greataxe hurled through the air and into the wall of one of the finished sections of the store. The planks split under the weight.


Tee stared at Zog, more serious than normal. "Sometimes running is the correct course."

Zog's eyes faded back to their soft yellow, "Yea, probably." Zog reached into his sack, normally filled with healing potions, but now it only had a single flask, with the letter D on the side. Zog poured some into his mouth, though he didn't understand what it was supposed to do, and handed the flask to Tee.

Expedition to Lux - Arturia, Cedeore, Gwen, Huaki, Myru
Month 10 Day 24 - Month 11 Day 7

Myru gathered a group of adventurers to set off on the 24th of Moon 10 through the Emradi Forest to explore an ancient elven town known as Lux in the east. They arrived at The Starlight Throne on the 7th of Moon 11.

Undead men tell no tales - Arturia, Dolgrin, Clay, Muzilius, ZOG
Moon 10, Days 19 - 24

Dolgrin assembled a crew of undead slayers to go west and hunt down some undead. They headed out on the 19th of Moon 10, and returned to Stone's Throw 6 days later on the 24th.

Into the Mountain - part 2
Moon 9 Day 21 - Moon 10 Day 15

For part one go here:

“This is dumb.” 

“It has been days since I last tasted fresh air and saw anything green. I would kill for some bacon, a mug of ale, and a warm bed. And I am surrounded by morons.”  

*Arturia is telling this story to Mump and Dolgrin

These were my constant thoughts since we entered the cave. I was traveling with a disturbed dwarf, an idiot, and some shady guy who I am pretty sure came to Stone’s Throw to assassinate someone…… 

Anyways, Huaki told you about the lizard things and the gargoyle’s so I will pick up where things actually get interesting: 

Having just slain the gargoyles we decided to venture even further into this ****** hellhole for some ******* ******* reason. We ventured into the “stone garden” (this according to carreg but who knows) and past the largest stone gate I have ever seen, into a hall made entirely of this creepy black stone. It was the darkest place I have ever experienced and I am not normally troubled by the darkness. Two giant dwarven statues carved entirely from this stone stood sentry at the entrance. Carreg seems to think the Duergar build this place. Inside the next room, towering at least 50 feet high, was another statue of the dwarven god Laduguer. Carreg informed me that carved at the base of this statue were these words:

Obedience to One’s Leader 

Empowerment Through Exploitation 

Enrichment Through Creation 

Protection by Force of Might 

(I wrote them down so I could remember to mock Rael about how silly Dwarves are sometimes) 

Venturing forth we saw a strange form in the next room so I offered, once again, to provide Sinj with a blessing from the mighty owl spirit. (seriously, what idiot doesn’t want to see in the dark…inside a ****** cave?!) I got really excited as I thought maybe this guy is finally going to open up and stop being such a weirdo but at the last second he seemed to change his mind and stopped me. I must have accidentally alarmed some creature because no sooner than he stopped me we heard loud noises moving in our direction. We ran into the next room and hid. In here we saw another statue but this one was unlike the others. This one was clearly a giant and was clearly not carved like the others. He seemed…lifelike. His gaze was turned away from us and when we looked in that direction we saw a small trench, and on the other side, a city made entirely of stone!  

The stone city seems to go on forever but in the dark I could not be sure how far it spread. We checked the first stone building and found what was once a tavern. This is where **** got creepy. Inside the Tavern the stone tables had all been smashed and slashed in a strange manner. And there was a dwarf made entirely of stone. I am pretty sure he used to be living. I entered the kitchen and found 3 elves, also turned to stone, all staring at me. This was the creepiest thing I have ever seen but I am pretty brave so I didn’t let it bother me too much. 

***Note from Jo : This is where Carreg snuck up behind Arturia, made a panicked face, turned himself to stone, rolled a great deception check, and Arturia freaked out and turned into a bear. Thanks Jason…..

 Carreg came into the kitchen, noticed the elves, ran up, smashed one of them and… well…. relieved himself on the stone fragments.

 Did I mention that I was surrounded by morons?

 His smashing and yelling must have been what alerted the creature of our presence. We never saw her but we heard her approaching. She was talking to herself in dwarven which was disconcerting but what made my fur stand on end was the sound of slithering. The sound of heavy slithering movement on stone accompanied by what sounds like 20 or so snakes all slithering together in a mass. Later Carreg told me she was looking for a priest but also seemed to mean us harm.

 Sinj mde a distraction by throwing a stone and she crossed the street to another stone house. Suddenly we heard her screaming, and the sounds of a fight. When it was once again silent Huaki looked to see what had happened and we found the corpses of two creatures I have never seen before. Brown almond-like heads with a beak and a sharp appendage. One had been shot with arrows and the other had been completely turned to stone.

 So yeah we left pretty quick after that.

 We snuck back the way we came and discovered what had made the heavy footsteps before. I don't really know what it was but it seemed to be some sort of…stone..dwarf…thing? It came out of the wall and looked at us. Carreg tried to talk to it but it didn’t really do anything.

 As we headed back towards the surface we encountered some gnolls and dealt with them swiftly (let’s just say the last thing they expected to find on the other side of that cave-in was a giant grizzly bear *Arturia laughs way too much at this part and takes another swig of Dolgrin’s Witch’s Brew)

We were almost back to the fork in the path and I was dreaming of grass, meat, and fresh breezes when everything got extra stupid.

 We were awoken by a boulder crashing into the cave wall near our camp. Carreg stepped forward, and seeing that it was a giant, turned to stone and started yelling at it in giant-tongue. I am pretty sure he said something about it’s mother because this really pissed the giant off. I think the giant just wanted us to leave but Carreg….. Would. Not. Shut. Up. I swear that dwarf has a ******* death wish.

 Then to make matters worse…. Sinj, in all his ******* brilliance, decides to rush the giant.


 Of course the giant turns and punts him across the cave. Well deserved in my opinion. Luckily Jade, Huaki, and myself were able to calm everyone down and we escaped with our lives…..BEARLY. *Arturia starts laughing again and takes another swig of drink

 I am having second thoughts about joining up with these idiots in the future but if I won't go back to Stone’s Throw I am not sure I can help who I travel with these days…..

 *Aturia kinda forgets to keep talking and soon passes out from consuming too much of Dolgrin’s Witch’s Brew


***Also, here is a stupid doodle:


Into the mountain
Moon 9 Day 21 - ???

Four of us left Stone’s Throw: the cat-person Jade, the hairless dwarf Carreg, myself, and another newcomer, Sinj. I must admit that he and I are similar: both of us strangers to Norundra, both of us honor Tukohama in battle, I with axes and he with swords. And The Others he speaks of are surely the spawn of Kitava. But while I bear Ramako’s light, he carries darkness within him, and wishes only to send his foes to Hinekora.

We journeyed north to the one known as Mump, and were there joined by a daughter of Tawhoa, Arturia. During the night, however, Kitava’s belly rumbled with hunger, and the the earth rumbled and quaked. There were no other signs of the unnatural, and such a thing is unknown to these parts, it seems.

Following the mountains west and staying above the cursed forest, we encountered a strange man named simply “Evan”, who was enslaved by a book he carried. We decided not to slay him, and he told us of a recent mudslide that had revealed a tunnel into the mountain. He guided us there, then he ventured north, directly into the cursed forest as a terrible storm began. We instead took refuge from Valako’s fury in the tunnel that Carreg claimed was dwarven work.

After resting, we descended into the darkness. We walked for a long time, the only measure being how many times I called upon Ramako’s blessing. Eventually, we reached a chamber with four doors, each bearing a rune overhead. Carreg identified one of the runes as being of a clan of dark dwarves, and another rune Jade & Carreg agreed had something to do with giants. One of the runes I was sure I had seen, but I had to consult my prayer book to rediscover that it was the mark of the foulest of Kitava’s generals, the demon lord Orcus! The last symbol, none of us could understand. Jade and Carreg had recruited us to hunt giants, so we chose the door that they had identified.

Again, we made our way for a long time. The tunnel had many small forks, dead-ends, and smaller passages that narrowed to the point that we chose not to press on. Eventually, we found an odd chamber that held massive stone spikes piercing the floor, ceiling, and walls. It was as if Kitava, in his eternal hunger, was trying to bite into the mountain itself and we stared directly into his ravenous maw.

We did not venture further that direction, but did choose to rest nearby. During the rest, we were attacked by foul reptilian humanoids that stank of Kitava’s bile. We slew them easily, though the stench lingered long after.

There were several sleeps and much travel, and again the earth all around us shook! But this time we were deep within the belly of the beast when it quivered and growled with Kitava’s voracious appetite.

The passage did not collapse on us, and eventually opened up to a larger room with a door flanked by two winged statues. We saw there was writing above the door, but when we got close the statues awoke and attacked! Sinj displayed a truly mighty feat of strength, lifting the winged stone-beast off the ground, only to then slam it back down and pin it! I then relentlessly hacked away at its prone form with my axes. If stone can bleed, that day would see it!

Against the other statue creature, Arturia revealed herself to be a daughter of Arohongui! She skin-changed into a massive beast of dire teeth and fell claws and tore into the stony flesh! Carreg devastated the beast with the power of Valako’s roar, and Jade wove magic to confuse the creature, making its attacks clumsy and ineffective.

In desperate escape, the two stone-beasts flew away, but Jade whispered Arohongui’s call, and they fell asleep mid air, and one shattered upon the floor! The other never awoke.

To be continued…

Investigating Lathraine - Nook, Kindle, Alaric, Yar, Athao
Moon 9 Days 10-21

Yar, Alaric, and a chunk of the recon team to Artok gathered at Mump's Bear and Breakfast and headed west into the Inari forest.

They returned on the 21st of Moon 9 with some stories.

West for Giants - Carreg, Cedeore, Myru, Gwen, ZOG
Moon 9 Days 1 - 18

Carreg and his group headed west, skirting the northern hills of the Ramparts.

They returned on the 18th of Moon 9 with some tales to tell.

Scouting Artok - Kindle, Nook, Athao, Tee, Dolgrin
Moon 9 Days 1 - 9

The scouting party set out on the 1st of Moon 9 to investigate Artok.

They returned on the 9th of Moon 9 with intel on the humanoids massing under Warchief Lundar.


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