The Thaw
Year 567 - Spring - 4th Moon

You set out from your homeland in the hopes of making it across the Caechlan Pass as soon as it was open. Another moon may have been the wiser choice; for the better part of that moon you sliced your way through snowed in valleys and up razor thin paths slick with ice. It was miserable, daunting, and perilous, but you made it.

The descent to Stone's Throw left the snow behind and returned the sun once more to your eyes. Two days later you were there, a thin ribbon of grey smoke promising respite from the elements and a chance to recover the strength you would need over the coming moons.

You were in Norundra now, a land without a king and nary a care for one. And you were not alone. Arriving before you and in the days to come, adventurers like you have trickled in to Stone's Throw, swelling its population to thrice its size.

There is an uneasy air to the place, both from the tension of so many newcomers (and their assorted expertise in less than wholesome professional pursuits) and the eagerness to put those skills to good use. You are a motley band, but each quite capable in their own right, though no doubt stronger together.

Parties are gathering, plans are forming, and Norundra is calling.

What do you do?


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