Bears Head North
Year 568 Moon 4 Day 23 - 27

Group heads north with Boldolf guiding. 

Encounters (for later write up)

Find dead mammoth along river.
Make Camp > Find collapsed tunnel.
While camping see coming storm + eagle riders, brin sees town. sleep
Move toward town, meet ice creatures, pay toll and pass
Investigate town, have fight with them and run back.

Scouting the Fire Giant's Tower
Year 568 Moon 4 Day 27 - Moon 5 Day 1

Kindle, Nook, Athao, Cedeore, and Myru go south to the Fire Giant's Tower to scout it out.

Meeting Hrothgar
Year 568 Moon 4 Day 22 - Moon 4 Day 25

Kindle, Nook, Gwen, Cedeore, and Myru went out to the East to see what was going on with the roads being made.

The Others Below (Archibald, Bolivar, Ohnagi, Sinj)
Year 568 Moon 5, Day 17 - Moon 6, Day 10

Sinj, eager to continue his hunt of the hated mortal agents of The Others, recruits Archibald, Bolivar, and Ohnagi to join him on his quest deep into the earth. Heavily provisioned to account for the inhospitable nature of that subterranean nightmare, the party sets off on the 17th of Moon 5.

Following Carreg Killfinger's cairn markers, they reach the edge of the Inari forest by the end of the 18th, whereupon setting up camp, the cadre spots deftly the observation of an unknown figure with glowing blue eyes. A deal is struck with the creature, whose application of pigments gives it a semblance of life and blood, albeit poorly. Any fool who is out here can tell this creature, once an elf, is now possessing of some unholy power that drives its soul to clinch to its lifeless body like a barnacle from hell. Regardless, desiring no conflict with the C'estari, whom this creature named Thamior claims to belong, we strike an accord and drift into tense and restless sleep, his rotting companions keeping watch beside our own sentries.

We learn from Thamior that the Ghost Court is eager for a delegation from Stone's Throw to meet and discuss alliance, especially since their eastern defender, Red Teeth Regazi, has been slain. Orcs have begun growing bold in her absence.

Thamior, duty on his mind, walks with us to the entrance to the yawning darkness below the earth framed by ancient dwarven stonemasonry. Content that our aims matched our claims, he departs with knowledge that Duergar lie within and are aware of this portal between worlds above and below.

A storm comes on the 19th, making for miserable rest by both shower and thunder. The 20th is spent gathering valuable supplies of firewood, such that some manner of real light, warmth, and smells of the world above may be brought with us to drive madness from our minds in the Everdark. The evening of the 20th, storm abated, we are beset upon by a sinister spider not entirely of this world or the next, but shifting between them. We dispatch is with spell and steel and without bane upon our company.

On morning of the 21st we set to head forth, but identify the hidden passage of someone unknown. Archibald and his owl, Dotore, locate the culprit who excises himself from the stone wall by means of eldritch word and gesture to reveal himself as Evan. Words of warning are given and the company heeds them as Evan makes way back to his home hidden in the Inari forest, the last person by light of day to see our company before we press into the Dark.

We delve for a day, perhaps part of two. The angle is shallow, but the distance long, we are deep beneath the mountains for sure. We come to the main hub, four doorways, each with a sigil carved above. We have learned their meanings – from left to right they are; Orcus and undeath, mushrooms and myconids, duergar, and finally giants. After some deliberation we decide to explore the unexplored and head down the mushroom path.

For nearly 2 days we navigate the cracked and broken tunnels beneath the earth. The recent quake has caused only one major hazard, a sheer 30' drop in the corridor which we traverse with a rope that is secured to a rock outcropping above which we leave behind. Should we require a rapid egress from this place, its presence is critical for my compatriots, so we leave it hidden (hopefully) among the broken stonework.

Finally we come upon a chamber, square in shape, like others down here, with a corridor proceeding from the center of each wall. At the center of the chamber is a well – the water within proves too critical to pass up. I lower a rope with a waterskin tied to it to fill it and bring it back up. The water smells of metals. Archibald spies a glint of metal in the dark waters below and sends his owl, Dotore, to investigate. Plans begin to send me beneath the icy surface to retrieve potions and coins located in the bottom, but this plan seems foolish at best, and deadly otherwise. Before we can enact it we hear the approach of humanoids from the left entrance and shrink back to the bottom corridor we entered from to see what denizens have come to taste our steel.

Humans! They emerge in a snarl of perhaps 2 dozen, all warriors, armed and armored with an eclectic mix of scavenged weaponry from duergar and other creatures I have faced here in the dark. Archibald uses his sorcery (I suspect) to hear their tongue as ours and informs us that they are paying some sort of homage to a thing called The Kolanna and dropping gifts into the well. We are spotted and there is a tense standoff, but it is resolved for though different, we are still men and not monsters… yet. Ohnagi, it seems, speaks their tongue and negotiates well an alliance between us to travel safely here in their lands.

These undermen are known as the Kolanna, and they are many. The leader of this cadre is known as Azaki, but we also learn that his leader is known as Galindann. The Kolanna, it seems, were men enslaved long ago by a race of elves who live below known as the Drow. They have adapted to the forever dark below the earth. We also learn that they have taken elven names from their captors and have forgotten the lands of men above. Our final lesson is that they are at war with the Duergar, and that the Kolanna can handle themselves in battle. We dispatch an ambush upon our camp with fewer casualties than our assailants, and divide the spoils properly. I secure a duergar breastplate for myself.

We travel for another day and into a massive cavern which we traverse by way of a narrow ledge along one wall. We are told to be on our guard above and below, for there is an enemy they call Crawlers who can climb and burrow through the earth to attack. One of the Kolanna carries the shell of such a creature; roughly the size of a man, but like a crab and an octopus became one. Its shell is hard as stone.

We emerge into a carved tunnel, like the one we had encountered before. Perfectly smooth and round in shape, bored through the living earth by what we do not know. We are warned that Crawlers infest this area, and the warning is not without merit for we are beset upon by many of the creatures. Azaki and his Kolanna warriors down many, and our company fights off its own number before victory is found without losses.

A short distance later we come to Efferil, a nomadic camp of the Kolanna, and meet with their leader; Galindann. Ohnagi translates their tongue and we learn that the Kolanna are allied with the myconids; whom they call The Living Ones. They are seeking an item of power stolen from them by kobolds who they have tracked to this area. We learn that the Duergar have three tribes; the Hammer, The Iron, and The Chain. The Chains are slavers, while the Hammer are the strongest militarily and are tryanical overlords seeking to conquer the deepdark.

We trade Duergar weapons and armor in exchange for supplies of food, water, and information. We learn that the Kolanna no longer send men to the ancient elven ruins found nearby, for none return. It is decided that we shall brave whatever terrors dwell within and by doing so earn a place of respect among the Kolanna. I sense the work of The Others in such a place, for they seek always to remain in the shadows where they can work unknown and in secret on their diabolical machinations for our world…

The Gang Heads North
Year 568 Moon 4, Day 22 - 23

Zog, Clay, Arturia, and Muzilius. Heading north to settle some debts reconvene with friends:
1. Get Brin, no matter the cost.
2. Find Bodolf / Fianna
3. Head North come what may.
4. Winchester

Trouble in Rostivad, the Drama Unfurls
Year 568 Moon 4, Day 21 - 22

Arturia and Alaric arrive in town and locate Zog and Clay, tending to Dolgrin's recent awakening. But an unsavory cloud hangs around the city.

Return to Rostivad, Seeking Gudiance
Year 568 Moon 4, Day 20-21

Zog, Rael, and Muzilius, gather in Rostivad seeking help for the fallen. Together they travel out to find Clay, and fix all that is broken.

Sifting through the ashes
Year 568 , Moon 5, Days 3-???

Shale recruited the companions he met in the wilderness outside of Stone's Throw, and hired on Jak, to accompany him to a place called Starlight Throne which fortune reader Elana informed him was infested by undeath. They ventured forth during a light snow flurry on the 3rd day of Moon 5 and have yet to return…





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Jak, brilla, Hellsworth, Shale, and Elana return on Day 17 (I think) carrying noticeable amounts of treasure but looking exhausted, covered in dirt, blood and other substances. Jak has been hanging out around The Last Ale, drinking and talking to any who will stay for awhile:

“Ah well met my friend! No no…let me buy this round! Your money is no good tonight. Yes, yes, I know, I know….. but you saw our uh……good fortune…. the other day, yes?”

Jak grins jovially and you think you catch a wink as he turns back toward Aimos and motions for several drinks.

“Oh it was a fantastic adventure to be sure! Did you not hear about it from brave Ser Brilla? She IS something isn’t she! Yes, that is right. We did fight night-screamers and orcs. Yes and undead too! It was terrifying…. “ Jak says the last word quietly and for a moment you think you catch a glimpse of a troubled mind. Before you can fully consider this Jak is flashing you another winning smile and starts to regale you with tales of his victories against the foes to the east.

“Well you see, Master Shale is quite invested in the slaying of undead so he offered to pay us to accompany him. Luckily for him my dear Elana is incredibly gifted and was able to point us in the right direction. Her vision allowed us to avoid most perils but what we could not avoid we valiantly slew.”

“And I know what you are thinking, Mr. Buttertart did accompany us and I was as surprised as you to learn that he is quite skilled in battle! Now I know what you are going to say….. but I swear it is true…that little man grew ten times…. No, really! ….his size and ran straight into battle! It is not a magic I am familiar with but I assure you it worked quite well. He is a strange little guy but not only does he fight bravely, did you know he makes a brilliant cup of tea? Yes! Oh It is quite good!”

“After being attacked by orcs…. Yes that’s right, as you can imagine orcs do not take too kindly to me… it is unfortunate but I am just lucky to have found the good people of Stone’s Throw to be more accepting. Anyways, these foul orcs attacked us while we made camp but with Ser Brilla and Hellsworth” Jak guffaws at your joke “YES….yes and Thunder Weasy too! Ha! …..they were really no match for us at all. I myself took out at least 5 of them but that is nothing compared to the numbers that Shale put down. That is a man on a mission, I tell you. He even slew their leader who I believe was a priest of Gruumsh” Jak says the word Gruumsh with disdain and for a split second you see a strange look in his eyes.

“Yes, agreed, awful business that Gruumsh lot. I avoid them the best I can but out here in the wilderness it seems they are somewhat unavoidable…”

“Anyways, more orcs, more undead,” Jak waves his hand dismissively, “night-screamers, you know…. eventually we did make it to Starlight Throne, or what remains of it I suppose.”

“The wreckage was simply devastating. It is such a shame as I would have loved to see that place in its full glory. The ruins that remained spoke of great workmanship but sadly there was just so little left of it. When the mountain erupted most of the area was covered in rock and ash. We did manage to gain entry to what must have been part of the original structure. We even found many treasures that were unharmed,” Jak chuckles to himself but doesn’t share the joke, “Anyways yes I wasn't sure if we should keep such treasure as it didn't belong to us? But at the same time Soveliss did say we could keep what treasures we find out there. These elves seem to have little concern for earthly possessions which I must admit is very admirable. Well anyways, while we were ah…. debating… “Jak laughs and under his breath mutters ”Brilla, you little devil” Jak again laughs at some joke you seem to have missed and then continues with the story, “While debating what to do with these artifacts, we heard a small voice call out. My heart stopped and I thought surely it was a ghost because, really, who knows in these parts! It turns out there were some Eladrin who survived the destruction. They said they had found a way out but before we could do anything we heard more orcs approaching. Luckily we are quite skilled at dealing with orcs by now so it was no trouble but when we went back to look for the survivors we found no sign of them.”

“We immediately decided to bring word back and just grabbed what we could carry. I do hope those orcs didn’t have friends in the area. It would be a real shame if they looted the rest of the Eladrin’s belongings. There was so much gold… OH that reminds me! Have you seen Soveliss and the others lately? No? I was hoping to join them in the search for those survivors… Oh maybe they left already? I must have missed them. Maybe I can still catch up…..”  Jak trails off deep in thought, absentmindedly flipping a gold coin in his fingers.

“Yes perhaps I will gather some others and we can try and catch up to them. I had hoped to lend them my blade in defending their home from those orcs,”Jak places a hand on a beautiful and intricately decorated longblade that sits by his side almost as if on display. It is clear he is quite fond of it which you suppose is understandable as it is much nicer than any of the other clothes or possessions you have seen on Jak before now. Perhaps he had a rough childhood and never had something so nice of his own before? That seems right, he is half-elf and half-orc after all and you know their type is not treated too well in this world.

It really is amazing that he turned out so…”well adjusted”? No that isn’t quite it. “Capable”? Hmm… well either way he is paying for the drinks so it seems he is doing quite well. Oh that’s funny, you simply thought about drinks and he already ordered another round. What a guy.



Starlight Thronin'
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 3 - Day 17

tldr: Shale, Hellsworth, Brilla, Elana, and Jak headed east to see what had become of Starlight Throne, and perhaps claim some of what remains for themselves.  Along the way they encountered a band of orcs that surprised them in the night. Luckily Elana used trickery to convince them they were under attack by “night screamers” and they fled. The group continued onward but as soon as they made camp the orcs returned. These seems to be followers of Gruumsh. With quick action the group was able to set up an ambush. Using teamwork they took down the leader immediately and turned on the remaining orcs. One got away.

Hellsworth’s Journal, Volume XXII Page CDLXXVI

We set out one blustery autumn morning with fanciful intent and filled with dash-fire for the treaures of Starlight Throne.  Attempting to milk the pigeon early, we had some unchancy meanderings and ended up distinctly floby-mobly. Thuderweasy was positively tewly-stomached at the quality of the dirt—all wet and crumbly and not a needy-mizzler of the earth sphere.

That night I apprehended the duality of perception, comprehending the invariable affect that observation has upon the subject.  This should prove of great use trying to lace the coat of a held yawmagorp.

We were approached by a horde of dunghills, but Elena caused a hubble-bubble that left the needy mizzlers running for a nurse while one suffered a cheese-toaster to the innards.  It may have ben me who did the porking, I cannot recall.

A short hobbledygee later, our expedition was set upon by a rantipole, several shaberoons, and out-and-outer, led by one Captain Hackum. The inestimable Brilla waylaid them from one side, your humble reporter from the other, but not before Shale put on a sham of tatterdemalion hubble-bubble that decoyed the Captain from his priggers.  There was much blubbering before the air and exercise, but we set upon the cull with a crash.  He summoned vile magicks, which I observed with keen interest.  His brutish way seemed to be distinctly on the “tendency to exist” school, rather than the “tendency to occur” detachment that seems more intent on basting than brightness, if you catch my meaning.

Elena offered some fizzing fimble-famble, but it did seem to allow Jak to flip the dandy prats.  Jak was plinking blighters all evening to great success.  Brilla lived up to her reputation, nothing but ransacked kickerapoo in her wake.

Shale was jerrycummumbling about in the heart of it all, when he let the pudding-headed chief fellow have to with some sort of divine blast. Thunderweasy observed that he felt, upon seeing Shale unleash the mighty blow, that he was not so much observing nature itself, but rather nature being exposed to Shale’s unique method of perceiving it.  Quite a bracing tingling in the gingamobs, but not for us, thank you very much, but it was a shanking to the victualling office not soon to be forgotten.

A bit more blubbering and all was said and done.  The whapper seemed to be of the “Gromsch” persuasion (extended investigations required here), and a gemstone behind his eyepatch should prove a worthy treasure to remove from the ill-begotten golumpus.

Every expedition above ground has setbacks, and these Orcs appear to be our burden en route to the arcane treasures sure to be buried with these eleven centaur entities.

The earth here is much finer, reminiscent of a basalt talus pile, with hints of blackberry and just a whiff of shitake.  This night I am noticing that, even in a world of infinite complexities and straight lines and regular shapes, that even empty space is curved.  I daresay I am on the verge of some sort of breakthru, and with chance, this ongoing expedition shall afford the chance to realize these new investigations as to the true nature of the multiverse.  Well, time for tea, I say.

Bears, Brin, Battle starts in Norundra
Year 568, Moon 4, Days ??? - ???

Dolgrin, Clay, Brin, and Zog venture in the North


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