Climbing Castle Peak to look for golden cities
Moon 7, Days 3-11

Cedeore, Myru, Gwen, Jade, and Soskodmorah left on the 3rd day of the 7th moon to check on Cyril and then climb Castle Peak to see if they could locate the Golden City.

They returned on the 11th with a few harrowing stories.

Seeking the Golden City
Moon 7, Days 3 - 12

Arturia, Rael, Nook, Kindle, and Carreg set out on the 3rd of Moon 7 in search of a way to cross the western river to find the Golden City seen on the 3rd of Moon 4.

When they returned on the 12th of Moon 7 they were hauling a significant portion of a very large crocodile on the back of Arturia in the form of a giant lizard and had many stories to share.

Investigating the ruins of Lathraine
Moon 7, Days 2 - 12

ZOG, Alaric, Mump, Rivyre, and Athao set out to the ruins of Lathraine in the western woods along the bank of the Sibel river. But as with all things in Norundra, they found a lot more than they bargained for.

Expedition to the ruins of the Temple of Sehanine
Moon 6, Day 27 - Moon 7, Day 2

Arturia, Rael, Brin, Gwen, and Soskodmorah set out to explore the ruins of the Temple of Sehanine in the Emradi Forest, but discovered that while some Orcs have heard of Lundar and ZOG's talks of alliance, not all have.

They returned exhausted and laden with spoils on the 2nd of the 7th Moon.

Checking on Cyril
Moon 6, Days 25-27

Alaric, Cedeore, Myru, Zog, and Athao ventured out to the west to find Cyril and get him some much needed food. After finding him barely alive, they ventured north toward the Ashen Vale before returning the following day.

Scouting for Giants in the West
Moon 6, Days 17-20

Carreg and Jade gather Dolgin, Apoc, and Soskodmorah to go west and northwest to look for rumors of giants to the west.

They return with ~100 lbs of hippogriff meat and other stories.

Aye, it was definitely hippogriff. A pair of em jumped us, but no match for the might of us Dwarves. Carreg seemlessly caused one to fall straight from the sky and the half druids were a wee bit helpful too. We set out early and as I navigated onward I assumed the form of a blue unicorn and then nothing else happened. I can't explain my druidic powers, but glad they proved useful against a cursed lycanthrope elvish druid woman that attacked us at night. After capturing and repeatedly slaying this unnatural beast, Carreg bursted it until it turned it into a bubbly ooze and recovered no more. Many a Witches Brew was had by all after our battles and long journey back to Stones Throw. -Dolgrin

Bodolf Returns To His Quest
Moon 6, Day 24

After spending a few weeks in Stone's Throw, Bodolf thanks you for the hospitality and sharing of your ways and returns on his quest for "Elf Torch", the elven sword he claims can kill The Ice King, Ostrander.

He heads north out of Stone's Throw toward the Barrens.

Hunting Orcs in the Barrens
Moon 6, Days 21 - 24

Clarent, Alaric, Mump, Rivyre, and Zog went North toward the Barrens, but then discovered that Orcs were moving into the Ashen Vale, and more was following them.

Skirting the Eastern Edge of the Barrens
Moon 6, Days 13-20

Mump, Kindle, Nook, Gwen, and Wren decided to scout out the eastern edge of the Barrens, along the edge of the Emradi Forest. They found their way to the Elven Ruins discovered by Arturia, Zog, Rael, Dolgrin, and Tee some days prior and had a run in with a deadly new foe.

Scouting the Northwestern Forest
Moon 6, Days 4 - 12

Athao, Mump, Alaric, and newcomers Brin and Gwen went to the north to scout the Barrens. Upon entering the wasteland they decided to check out the forest to the Northwest and followed the Sidel River to the forest's edge.

They returned roughly a week later having discovered something worth checking out.


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