Operation Lizard Unification
Year 568 Moon 4 Day 26 - 28

Dates: 04/26 – 04/28


Allied Combatants:

King Soskodmorah I – Alive

Jade – Alive

Carreg Killfinger—Alive

Vutha – Alive

Ramas — Alive

Imsh Burzum Ukon – Wounded

General Shaguay – Wounded

12 Vutha Tribe Lizardfolk infantry – Deceased


Enemy Combatants:

King Throden – Deceased

Ogre Maji – Deceased

Litrix – MIA

8 Lizard Beasts — Deceased


200 Vutha Tribe LizardFolk

??? Garurt Tribe LizardFolk

??? Litrix Tribe LizardFolk



Decisive win for the Allied Combatants. They suffered some losses, but were able to take the seat of power from the previous ruler. Soskodmorah has taken his seat as the ruler of the Norundran Lizardfolk


Intel: When Litrix was defeated, the Allied Combatants received intel that she was actually an Ogre Maji working for another called Tethra Rogamac.

Attached is General Shaguay’s accounts of these events.



04/26 – We defeated the one known as Korthroden, which we believed to be a Hydra. After its defeat we were greeted by Lizardfolk that were allied with Vutha. Soskodmorah was wary about trusting these Lizards since their leader would be potentially hostile and wanted to mate with him. Imsh decided to explore the cave that the Hydra had come from and to offer some sort of offering within. Nothing appeared to come of this. Carreg was being called Darastrix by these lizardfolk, but I’m not certain of the word’s significance. We accepted these lizardfolk’s offer to ferry us across the river. Once across we made camp.

04/27 – During the night a couple of the lizardfolk left heading in the direction of Vutha’s camp. In the morning Vutha arrived. A rather long conversation took place, which ended when Vutha traded her mace with Carreg. Soskodmorah asked me to create a distraction. I decided to summon a minion of my patron using the ashes from the campfire. From these ashes Ramas the phoenix appeared. During this display Jade grabbed the mace and ran off into the forest in order to hide it. I only realized later that they believed that the mace was the source of her corruption and wanted to get it away from her.

                Later that day we traveled with Vutha back to her camp, we spent little time here, mostly just left what was remaining of the hydra with them and continued on. Soskodmorah and Vutha devised a plan to defeat Throden.

Fresh Meat and the Smoldering Volcano
Year 568 Moon 4 Days 25 - 27

Shortly after arriving in Stone's Throw, I made acquaintance with a few folks. Hellsworth, a fellow gnome and his invisible companion Thunderweasle, Elana, a reader of the present and future of some sort and Ohnagi, a very knowledgeable human. In a reading with Elana, Ohnagi learned that he should head east to seek the answers he was searching for. Ohnagi wanted to learn about the volcano that had caused the recent earth quake.

On day 25 of the 4th moon, we headed out. It had just started snowing, but it wasn't too bad… yet! The first day we traveled well, but during the night we were woken by the screeching sound of Night Screamers. 4 of them and they quickly took out Elana and dealt great damage to Hellsworth, Ohnagi and me. Luckily a friendly goliath named Shale found our encampment under attack and aided us in defeating these intruding foes. Although we all made it with our lives, the battle had wounded and exhausted us all, so we decided to rest up before traveling any further. Shale agreed to join us.
With only about 4 hours of daylight left on that second day and a heavy snowstorm hitting us, we ended up circling the area and taking up rest in the same camp again. That night we saw a Will-O-Wisp in the distance, but it did not notice us.

When dawn broke, the weather had finally started getting better. We traveled further east, past some large mountain with a reflective top. Not long after we had passed that mountain we found large footprints of what turned out to be about a dozen orcs. They welcomed us into their camp and let us share their fire. I noticed their symbols of Hextor, but with our small numbers, parting without conflict seemed the best option. Elana offered her services to the one called The Winner? He offered a box of green figures to aid her find out about the fate of two traitors of some sort; Harkin and Bodolf. Elana warned them about pursing this Harkin, something in her cards told her it was a bad idea. I don't think they took the warning serious.

The following night, I was watching our camp when all of a sudden 2 men and 2 centaurs closed in on us. They had shiny metal skin full of jewels. One of them was covered in blood. They approached with their weapons drawn, but quickly identified us as allies, because apparently they are allied with Stone's Throw. They told us they had taken out those orcs of Hextor. Perhaps the orcs should have listened to Elana's warning.

These metal creatures had a lot of information to share and were seeking shelter in Stone's Throw. We agreed to return together, since Ohnagi had learned a satisfying amount of information from them.

I don't speak elven, so I only got bits of the conversation on the way back. Apparently some Shayarstel had awaken? Is that the volcano? And when it did, it took out some city – Starlight something? And they were the only survivors of that disaster. Not sure, you'll have to ask Ohnagi if you want to know more…

A post earthquake investigation of the Lizardfolk
Year 568 Moon 4 Days 23 - 25

Soskodmorah's brood

The grey dawn greeted a weary and soot covered Stone’s Throw. Though the night the town worked without rest, digging survivors out of the fallen tower, shifting stones to shore up the defensive walls, and patching the longhouse with crude walls against the falling snow.


“This snow, it’s foul. It's like someone first used it to put out a forge before dropping it from the sky.”


“Do you think it related to the earthquake?“ the youth asked.


Carreg wiped at his brow, his sweat soaked forehead getting his tattered robe a little grimier. “Could be, but what do I know? This is the first I’ve ever spent a year above ground. Still, it would be an odd coincidence for them to have happened at about the same time.” The dwarf patted his pockets to reassure himself that his pipe was still there, but did not draw it out. “How are the two who were on watch? Will they survive?”


“Yes, although the arm is lost.”


“Well, he’ll still be able to hold a hammer with the other, and the most powerful weapon a night watchman has is his eyes and lungs.”


“Lungs won’t stop the orcs.”


Carreg pulled a drink from his water skin and then offered it to the young pilgrim, “No, but companions will bring arms, and the sheer will to call this place home will give us the strength to wield those arms.”


“I wish that we still had those brave warriors that had wintered with us. And their magic. The orcs would certainly think twice before attacking a town so richly defended.”


Carreg spits and cleared his throat.  “Riches, eh? And gold? And magic?” The young pilgrim looked at the dwarf sideways, realizing that the bald sorcerer was working himself up to a rant. And sure enough, in a moment he began.  “There is often talk of adventurer’s gold, but it is also necessary to talk of gilded adventurers.” The youth lowered his head, but rolled his eyes. ”Why should some people slog through mud, so that others can travel on the backs of eagles?” The dwarf continued, “why should some live for thirty-five years, so that others can live for seven hundred? Why should some go without arms and armor, where others glow with weight of a half dozen magic items? I speak on behalf of the citizens of Stone’s Throw who do not have peace of mind. I speak on the behalf of the citizens who have no defenses, of those whose right to endure against the coming threat have been denied…”


“Your pardon, master Dwarf, I see Parovar, and he looks to have need of me. I shall be back.” And with a quick scurry across the frozen ground the youth was free of the dwarf’s rant.


Carreg spat into the snow as he watched the youth’s form vanish into the falling snow. “Yeah. I’ll shut up now.”

Through the next day the town rested, and the following  dawn showed a clearer sky, except for a single dirty plume of soot that still rose into the sky far to the East. A hasty meeting agreed that although there was still months of labor needed to restore Stone’s Throw it was more important to be aware of any immediate threats. The town had to know just how extensive the earthquake was, and if the settlement was under threat of any other force. It was soon decided that a small scouting party should investigate, and if possible find out the status of any close by friendly cities. Imsh would lead a party through the woods to the Lizardfolk encampment. Soskodmorah and Carreg would act as diplomats, having had dealings with the Lizardfolk before. Shaguay and Jade would also accompany to ensure the safety of the party. After promising to hurry back once information was gained, the party headed out.


Within a day’s travel over the cold hardened earth the party reached the remains of Mump’s outpost. The outpost had already suffered the indignity of raiders, but the earthquake was the final blow and nothing remained standing, not even anything large enough to provide any shelter from the continuing snowfall. As the party vainly endeavored to find anything to eat, or burn, a trio of mysterious lights floated out of the woods and then flew directly into the middle of camp. Soskodmorah called down the winds to smite the fell spirits, as the rest of the party attacked with arrows and arms. But whatever was thrown at the entities, nothing much seemed to damage them. And worse, they vanished at will to appear where the party least expected them, only to channel savage bolts of lightning. After chasing the elusive balls of energy all over the camp, they vanished and seemed to have disengaged.


Carreg, still in his stone form, muttered “I read one of their minds in the fight, they were commanded by a dragon to slay us. They were most insistent on attacking any magic user first.”


Realizing the floating threat might just be waiting to launch another ambush if the party camped where they were, or worse, were summoning allies, the party packed up and traveled a couple hours through the dark to finally fetch up at the Ashen Vale. But barely had anyone gone to sleep than sharp eyed Imsh spotted the three undead lights bobbing down the pass, heading ever onward to the camp. Quickly rousing everyone an ambush was decided upon, although, in actuality, only Imsh managed to hide to any advantage. Once more battle was joined, but this time the party fought knowing that there would be no escape from these disembodied undead. Under that threat, with some sweat & not a little blood, and with a little bit of baiting using the knowledge the wisps were ordered to go after magic users, eventually lead to a victory. Where the undead finally fell, only some strange smoothed onyx stones remained.

As the sun rose on the Ashen Vale, the damage from the earthquake was evident here as well. The river through the vale had shifted, and the structures that had stood within the bottom of the vale were now burried in a newly formed pond.

No longer wary of the threat of Red Teethed Regazi the five ventured mostly West through the woods until they met up with the North flowing river. Along the way a study of the onyx stones revealed that they weren’t actually stone, but blackened orc teeth. Given that the phantoms spoke in haunting orcish just before they attacked, this lead the party to believe these were the teeth of the orcs that were turned into the wisps themselves.

Eventually the party achieved the river and so they turned North, following the river’s course through the woods towards the fork with the Sibel river. After less than a day’s travel the remains of an Elven town was encountered next to a waterfall in the river. Searching the stone ruins Jade discovered a cache of magical dust hidden in a rusted tin a few inches below the frozen ground. A little experimentation and it was determined to be a large cache of magical powder that caused an infuriating frictionlessness to spread across wherever it was cast.


Further exploring North showed a road, mostly overgrown, that paralleled the river. Less than a minute on the road, though, and the booming of a large horn was heard echoing through the forest. As the party advanced along the road a large, mostly intact, bridge appeared that crossed the river. And upon the bridge, tied to stakes, several humanoids were bound. Jade bound forward to untie the sacrifices, as the rest of the party scanned the river and the forest to try to determine where the threat was coming from. Carreg watched the sky. Those that glanced to the river spotted several large caves at the waterline on the opposing shore, and then, with a subtle shifting of the flow of the river, a huge form was seen to be swimming just below the surface towards the bridge.


Jade, finding several dazed Lizardfolk tied to posts along the bridge started to free the captives with her dagger. Soskodmorah noted that the scales of the Lizardfolk indicated that they were of the less sane tribe, the ones that worshiped an bloodthirsty god.


As the shadow in the water closed with the bridge, a swell formed, and then a great draconic head broke through the surface of the water. It growled hungrily at the bridge. Jade heard the captives mutter in praise of “Korth Throdan” and she quickly cast a spell that started freeing the captives even faster. But even as she freed the captives, they mindlessly turned to the dragon head and chanted towards it.


As the rest of the party stood stunned watching the colossal head propel itself through the water, without warning a second head rose next to the first head. The second head was of a completely different design, but writhing intertwined with the first head. Moments after the second head joined the first, a third, even stranger joined the two, and then a fourth, and finally a fifth head rose from beneath the waters.

And then with a single twang an arrow buried itself in one of the dragon’s heads. And then another head was struck with an ice blast, and then the battle was joined. Initially just intending the draw the creature away from Jade and her errand of mercy, with the combatants falling back as they could… the contest was made a matter of life and death when brave Shaguay closed with it to further draw the leviathans attention away from the bridge. Veterans of past combats, the party focused their attacks on one head after other, attempting to minimize the threat of the beast. To give chance to Shaguay’s survival, magical walls of wood and fields of ice were summoned to hinder the creature. Still, it was touch and go, with the half-orc falling twice before the various serpentine heads.

But in the end the exhausted warriors felled the creature at the banks of the river.

It was then that the weary five glanced over, past the bridge, at the cadre of horn wielding Lizardfolk … who, as one, dropped and started making obeisance to the party.

Everlund Hunt
Year 568 Moon 4 Days ??? - ???

Zog, Dolgrin, Muzilius, and Clay awaken in Caer Dunnar, ready to take the fight to the Everlunds.

Apoc's Quest for Cannibalism
Year 568, Moon 4, Days 18 - 23

Apoc leads a group north to seek the Cannibal Halflings

Apoc sets out with Shaguay, Benedetto, Imsh and Ohnagi north to find the cannibal halfings….

Finding the Road
Year 568 Moon 4 Days 19 - 22

Myru, Cedeore, Gwen, Thakko, and Rivyre sent out to go to the tower in the C'estari lands by going down the road carved by giants

The Tree and Caer Dunnar
Year 568, Moon 4, Days 12 - 13

The entire party approaches Caer Dunnar, to reunite with Clay, Arturia, Dolgrin, and Zog, who rode ahead to the town.

Scouting out the Giants - Part 1
Year 568, Moon 4, Days ??? - ???

This place. The elves. The tree. The Kampestries. All familiar hallmarks of a home left behind yet alien at the same time. All of these people are warriors. Even the younglings train for battle. Willing to give up their lives to defend this place. This tree. These are noble people. This is a place worth defending. A people worth saving.

These are the thoughts that drift through Thakko's mind while he stands his usual vigil by his mistress as she studies ancient texts and converses with various wood elves in search of knowledge. 

A group of the younglings run past Thakko and Rivyre. One almost colliding with him as they were engaged in a game that Thakko can only sum up as "Chase the Troll." Their childish laughter and glee shadowed with the tales of the ice trolls that roam the outer borders of this "city". They stop not far away from them and draw short swords made of bone and wood. "I'm gonna eat you!" "No, you're not! I'm Haderai, master of the blade!. I'll kill you foul troll!" the children exclaim back and forth at one another before engaging in melee combat.

While there is still the joyous laughter of children playing, Thakko can see that they are really sparring. One of the children land a blow on the "troll" and draws blood. None of them stop but keep fighting. The "troll" winces but for a moment and continues deflecting their assaults… biding time for their own attack. Thakko continues watching for a moment until he interrupts their playing by issuing a sharp "Halt" which even startles Rivyre. The children, unsure of what is about to happen as the metal being steps forth and peers at them with his glowing red eyes, abide by the command. They stand there stunned for a moment as he strides up to them. One of the children lets their blade dip down from a ready position to let it rest in the dirt.

"First, never let your guard down. Keep that blade up. Always be ready for attack." Thakko points as the child quickly corrects themselves and pulls the blade up to their chest. "You're over extending on your attack. When you lunge, you expose your left side. Your opponent can side step and your whole back is open to them. Try it again. This time take only half of a step being mindful of your left." The children are still shocked as the words wash over them. "Again, snap snap." Thakko barks at the children as they snap out of their daze. They take up their positions and attack the "troll". Being mindful of the advice given and practicing as coached. Rivyre lets out a soft laugh as she recalls all of the times that she has heard the words "Again, snap snap." during her training.

This is a place worth defending. A people worth saving. That thought echos in Thakko's mind as he watches the children practicing. 

"Mistress, I feel that some reconnoiter is appropriate. We should go see what forces the giants have amassed in the north west. You seem safe under the canopy of this tree and with these people. I can go with some of our compatriots to scout it out. Maybe we can find some cold iron to aid our fight against the trolls you spoke of." Thakko says with his back to her, arms crossed behind him as he observes the children. "Indeed, I will be safe here." she replies trying to contain herself slightly that she would have some time alone without her ever vigilant guard and butler. "Very well then. I'm sure I overheard Myru and Cedeore talking about doing the same thing. I'll depart with them on the morrow."


Fellowship of the Bear - Onward!
Year 568, Moon 4, Day 10 - Day 12

Brin, Clay, Dolgrin, Zog, Arturia, and Bodolf continue on through the forest to fight the Ice King.

Fellowship of the Bear - Journey continues
Year 568 Moon 4 Day 7 - Day 10

Bodolf joins Clay, Dolgrin, Muzilius, Rael and Zog to lead the group through the forest on the way to fight the Ice King.


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