Skirting the Eastern Edge of the Barrens
Moon 6, Days 13-20

Mump, Kindle, Nook, Gwen, and Wren decided to scout out the eastern edge of the Barrens, along the edge of the Emradi Forest. They found their way to the Elven Ruins discovered by Arturia, Zog, Rael, Dolgrin, and Tee some days prior and had a run in with a deadly new foe.

Scouting the Northwestern Forest
Moon 6, Days 4 - 12

Athao, Mump, Alaric, and newcomers Brin and Gwen went to the north to scout the Barrens. Upon entering the wasteland they decided to check out the forest to the Northwest and followed the Sidel River to the forest's edge.

They returned roughly a week later having discovered something worth checking out.

Journey North
Moon 5, Day 24 - Moon 6, Day 3

Tee lead a party of Dolgrin, Arturia, Rael, and Zog north past the vale in search of Red Mountain. Not far past the group ran into Bodolf and discovered a general direction and route to Red Mountain from the warrior. The group continued on to the northeast to explore the forest in search of good possible future locations for outposts. 

On the first night the group encountered a "Death Dog" (as Arturia described it) that while initially getting an upper hand, was quickly dispatched when Arturia turned into a massive grizzly bear (with antlers) and tore the beast to pieces. She now wears a trophy of its skull that Zog prepared for her. 

A few days later the group happened upon some very old elven structures, and while investigating the group encountered a group of gnolls and orcs. Zog, Arturia, Dolgrin and Rael fought the Gnolls while Tee lead the orcs on a merry chase (while others might see it differently). The strategy proved sound though as the gnolls were quickly dispatched by Arturia's bearform and Dolgrins powerful moonbeams, allowing the party to dispatch the orcs as they filed in one at a time after Tee lost them in the woods. 

The group returned about a week after leaving with the spoils of battle and perhaps an idea of where to go. Tee disappeared into the woods while Zog and Arturia can be found most nights sparring outside the tavern, Bear against Bear-barian while Rael and Dolgrin durnkenly cheer on.

Return to The Blinking Mountain
Moon 5, Days 17-23

Carreg, Jade, Soskodmorah & Nook stagger, exhausted, back to town, with Kindle's unconscious, but breathing body draped over the back of an also exhausted Giant Lizard.  They all collapse almost immediately upon reaching the safety and warmth of Stone's Throw.

Carreg spits and curses about "elves".

Return from the Emradi Forest
Moon 5, Days 10 - 16

Rivyre, Thakko, Myru, Cedeore, and Athao ventured out on the 10th to revisit the Emradi forest and make contact with someone named Lord Shayarstel.

They returned on the 16th laden with orc equipment and perhaps some stories to tell.

Alaric's return and a push up north
Moon 5, Days 9 - 16

Mump, Nook, and Kindle teamed up with newcomer; Clarent Wiggenthorp, to venture north out of Lion's Valley into the Barrens. On the eve before their journey, however, Alaric – naked as the day he was born – wandered into Stone's Throw from the hills. After explaining how he survived his apparent death, he dug up his armor and seemed eager to join the band on the quest to the north.

They returned a week later, laden with spoils, treasures, and tales to tell.

Conquest of the Ashen Vale
Moon 5, Days 5-7

Zog, Alaric, Dolgrin, Athao, and newcomer; Apoc, journeyed to the Ashen Vale on a quest to destroy whatever evil plagued that land.

They returned victorious, though not for everyone.

Alaric has been laid to rest in Stone's Throw, and the Ashen Vale has been renamed The Vale of Fort Alaric.

Searching For Elves in the East
Moon 4, Day 25 - Moon 5, Day 2

Myru Amanodel approached Thakko as he readied himself to go after Rivyre and her group who had traveled into the North East. She, Cedeore, and two newcomers; Kindle and Nook, agreed to go with Thakko as Myru sought out rumors of elves in the east.

They returned laden with arms and armor of orcish make and stories aplenty to share.

Exploring the Eastern Ramparts 2
4th Moon, Days 20-25

Carreg Killfinger, having kicked the sniffles, gathered up a party consisting of Arturia, Rael, Jade, and Soskodmorah (and his giant lizard mount), to head to the eastern ramparts and check out the second mountain.

They returned on the 25th having confirmed the death of another songbird lady and looking a little worn and weary from their travel, but otherwise in good shape.

Exploring the Emradi Forest
4th Moon Day 20 - 5th Moon Day 4

Rivyre recruited Alaric and Mump to accompany her on a journey to the forest in the northeast which they had spied from the Eastern Ramparts on a previous excursion.

They learned that the forest was known as the Emradi Forest, and it was something that Rivyre sought. They also encountered a variety of deadly creatures in and near the forest, as well as some more amiable to words before swords.

Most notable to the people of Stone's Throw was their early return on the 23rd. They returned laden with arms and armor that, according to their accounts, were carried by a small group of lethal orcs that attacked their camp in the night. Most prized of the spoils was a suit of orcish made full plate armor, which Alaric repaired and resized to fit his somewhat smaller frame.

Their second foray took over a week and saw them into the forest proper. Their return from there brought exciting questions and the hides of two fearsome feywild creatures known to Rivyre as Displacer Beasts.


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