Rescuing Friendos
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 28

Carreg, Benedetto, Imsh, Hellsworth

A second rescue mission is launched to free Shaguay and Shale from the clutches of whatever it is that has them imprisoned.

Scouting the Ice Fortress
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 4 -

Clay, Dolgrin, Muzilius, Rael and Yuèguāng travel towards the Ice Fortress to gather information on how to get to the Ice King

Bears Chasing Gnolls

Moon 5, Day 3 – Moon 5, Day 5 (return)


Dolgrin, Yue, Muzilius, Rael, Lucian hunt down some gnolls up North

The Daring Rescue
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 23 - Moon 5, day 25 (return)

Apoc, Imsh, Jade, and Huaki accompany Pixel and Ramas down into the depths to try and save their comrades 

Fellowship of Black Dreams
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 21 - Day 23

Imsh, Shaguay, Shale, Benedetto, and Elened venture east from Stone's Throw on the 21st of Moon 5 on a quest to destroy the fearsome mace known as Black Dreams by hurling it into the volcano.

On Day 22 Shaguay's phoenix familiar, Ramas, flies into town, carrying Elened's fox familiar, Pixel.

On Day 23, Imsh comes into town alone.

Bear Force Two
Year 568 Moon 5 Day 1 - Day 3

Lucian, Yuèguāng, Dolgrin, and Brin go around the outside

Where are the Stone Giants?
Year 568, Moon 5 Day 8 - Moon 5 Day 11

The elf fellowship went west-southwest to look for the Stone Giants and a possible alliance.

Bears First Battle of the War
Year 568 Moon 5 Day 1 - Day 3

206, Clay, Rael, Arturia, and Muzilius take flight and do something really stupid.

Bears Head North #3
Year 568 Moon 5 Day 1

Zog, Rael, Brin, Clay, and Yuèguāng awaken after a cold night and continue the journey north along the river, ever closer to the Ice King.

Scaled Kittens 2
Year 568 Moon 5 Day 1 - Moon 5 Day 10

After defeating the Throden the group rests and investigates the Temple.
Imsh discovers the temple is a vault for a dragon. Carreg notices the mound in the center
Next Day they excavate the corpse of a dragon killed by fire, Carreg gets a stone from it.
Group heads north to select new Clutch Queen for the red scaled Lizardfolk.
There they meet Litrix's clutch who challenge the group. The group defeats two of her stronger daughters, and Sosk defeats the would be Progenitor.
Group then heads south over a few days and through a blizzard back to Stone's Throw after retrieving an item.


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