Half-elven wu jen seeking knowledge and vengeance.


Physical Description: Pale white skin with long, bone white hair. The hair is tied up in a traditional Asian head piece made of blackened, shellacked wood. Dark makeup adorns her piercing blue eyes, flecked with gold. She wears a veil that covers her face, attached by the headpiece. Her robes are long and flowing, made of black and blue fabrics with intricately threaded designs of the moon. She carries with her a rapier and a quarterstaff made of dark wood. Long, sharp fingernails with two metal full finger rings on her last two fingers.

Personality: She is mysterious, calculated, and physically graceful. She moves with the wind and the clouds obey her command. Finding herself unused to social interaction, she finds words can be difficult to place with those she does not trust, although she does seek to find a place for herself among society as her Master had taught her.

Name Pronunciation: yoo-eh-gwahng


Yuèguāng was raised by an old Shou woman by the name of Mǔqīn. For several decades she was trained in the ways of wu jen on a magicked island in the Sea of Stars. Mǔqīn was murdered and Yuèguāng seeks to find out why. A vision brings her to Norundra, where she seeks answers, as well as vengeance.


Norundra Eothyll