Goliath Gladiator


Standing before you is a towering mass of ripped muscle. You’ve probably heard about goliaths and maybe have seen one or two before, but you have never seen one this large. Towering at 8 feet tall, clad in plate mail with a massive hammer resting on his shoulder, this behemoth of a man has seen countless battles as scars can be seen on what little exposed skin is visible. Upon inspection of his armor, you’ll notice a medallion that is an arena award… and then another… and another…

When he catches you looking at his medallions, he looks down and says with a smile, “You’ve heard of Yar, yes? Greatest gladiator in the southern reaches? Champion of Hargrath’s Gauntlet? Sole survivor of King Labain’s Battle Royale? Clearly my reputation must proceed me.”



Norundra kirtonos