Wren (retired)


Diminutive, brown hair and eyes… Wren is shy and quiet and fades into the background.


Wren’s an orphan. Her mother was an herbalist, father a tanner. They lived in the woods not far from a human village. They think it was bandits, but we’ll never know for sure… the midwife came from the village for herbs and found Wren’s parents slaughtered, the tanned leathers taken, and Wren in the tree-house somehow safe from harm. Wren was a toddler, and as the human midwife didn’t feel up to the challenge of an elven child, she delivered Wren to the nearest temple, a Temple of life.

Wren was obviously affected by the ordeal, as she spoke not at all for years. To this day she’s quiet and introverted.

The priests and nuns of the temple raised Wren, introduced her to the gentle pursuits of tending flock and garden, and the ways of Life. But Wren preferred the woods, and once mature followed her inner consciousness into a life in tune with Nature. That inner voice urged her north…. where she met with Rekkar, and traveled with him back to Stone’s Throw. She knows not what she seeks, she’s just following the feeling that she’s needed.

Wren (retired)

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