Thorin Ebonsoul

Pact of the Blade Hexblade Warlock


Born to an elven family of mages during a dark moon. He was placed under a great deal of pressure to learn magic and the bladesinging fighting style his family was known for. But he was a slow learner and in an act of desperation used a ritual in a book he found within his family library. The ritual, he thought, was meant to make him one with the blade. It ended up instead entering him into a pact with an ancient weapon known only as Ebonsoul, taking a portion of his soul which is displayed by him by having jet black eyes and the sword mark of Ebonsoul on his inner arm, and turning him into a warlock.

The book containing the ritual mysteriously vanished and his family claims to have never known of any such book. For his transgression he was banished from his home until he could remove the taint from his soul. He has traveled to Stone’s Throw, at the border of civilization, having failed to find a way to break the pact. Now he cares little for anything outside of basic survival.

Thorin Ebonsoul

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