The Last Kill-Sword


Sinj stands at 6’3" and is well muscled, though not overly so. He is agile for his frame and in excellent health.

Dark cloth garments wrap his body, masking it from detection in dim light. When not expecting battle his face is left visible, revealing handsome features. Otherwise he wears his Kill-Mask; a skull-like leather garment adorned with blood-red dyes and bone white bleaching that reveal only his haunting blue eyes.

Unlike the other late Kill-Swords, Sinj has allowed his hair to grow out; though he keeps his face clean shaven. Perhaps he has abandoned the tenets of his former organization now that he is the last of them.

Like the late Kill-Swords before him, Sinj is equipped with a variety of bladed weapons; including the namesake Kill-Sword which is slung over his back with a simple leather thong and sheath. At his side are two other blades; a wickedly curved blade on his left hip, and a straight bladed arming sword on his right. A straight dagger suitable for throwing is tucked in each boot and a pair of curved jambiya hang from the black silk sash worn over his fighting belt. Finally, he carries a antelope horn longbow of Heldradi fashion, and a round iron battle shield that has been heat treated blue-black to decrease its reflective nature.


Sinj was raised in captivity by an organization known as The Kill-Swords. Their name translates poorly outside of the local dialect, but it is best understood as a cult of for-hire-warrior-assassins that operated out of Badar’jin and around the Bloody Sea in far off Xin’sha.

Orphaned and sold to the Kill-Swords at a young age, Sinj was molded into a mercenary-warrior-assassin. He became the perfect killing tool, adopting power, grace, endurance, subterfuge, and cunning into one lethal package.

When Sinj had learned all he could from the Kill-Swords he betrayed and slew them, hunting down every last Kill-Sword he could find. He then burned the guild to its foundation and used the spoils of his victory to buy passage on a ship bound for the most northern port in the Sea of Pol; Ravesti.

From there, SInj headed north until he found his way to Stone’s Throw in Norundra. The last Kill-Sword on a mission to do what Kill-Swords do best – Kill.

With swords.


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