Rivyre Lessana Starfeon (retired)

Eladrin Warlock


Tall for an Eladrin, willowy and graceful. Her golden blonde hair is kept in a no-nonsense braid, her leather armor is plain but clearly high quality. She moves with the manner of the nobly born, but tries to be gracious and kind to everyone.


As the youngest daughter, a late-in-life surprise daughter at that, of one of the Star Queen’s advisers, you can imagine my life was pretty sheltered.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when, in my 16th summer, i suddenly sprouted.. several inches taller than my oldest brother! I don’t care much what people think, but my lady-mother was appalled that her doll-baby was no longer a small biddable child.

Imagine MY surprise when, at my 20th birthday celebration, it was announced I was to be married to some milksop wastrel who was the son of another adviser. Not being one to mince words, I announced to the room that I’d rather live in the woods than marry an arrogant layabout who only had three brain cells left, all fighting for attention.

Long story short, after I insulted – well, everyone – the family sent me away. They think I journey to the north to bring honor back to the family… little do they know that my task was set by a higher power…

Rivyre Lessana Starfeon (retired)

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