Executioner of Stone's Throw, Stopper of Giants, Dragon Slayer, Mother of Toy Crabs


Nora D’Lere, known as “Nook”, is generally rather quiet, but her eyes sparkle of curiosity and hunger for adventure.
Her slender, short body is wrapped in dark-gray leather armor and when the hood of her black cloak isn’t covering half her face, you can see short, black, messy hair crowning her head. Her eyes are dark brown and skin, when not smudged with dirt, can be made out as olive. Practical, not pretty is the way she generally presents herself.


Nora’s father is a member in a guild that flourishes by officiating trade and ensuring merchant security. Following in his footsteps, the next adventure was never too far away. At a young age she started to accompany her father to learn the ropes and carry on the family business. This was especially exciting when her cousin Harkin would visit and tag along.

One year, Harkin decided to come live with them and from then on, the two started seeking adventures on their own. Under their new names – Kindle and Nook – they quickly earned a reputation for themselves. Boasting with confidence, they agreed to a task that would soon change their lives.

When things went south, they decided to leave the adventures behind and go live with Harkin’s parents. While still yearning for the excitement of her past life, Nora was now learning the value of honest, hard work.


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