Lucian Astorio (Slain fighting Ostrander)

Sunite Acolyte


Lucian is a specimen. His young life has been spent in celebration of the beauty that Sune gives to the world. Just shy of 6 feet tall, Lucian would be easy to mistake for a sculpture if he did not move. His statuesque physique is powerful, but not in the way that a brutish orc or stout dwarf might be. His movements are graceful and calculated, but not to the extreme precision of an elf’s, or the jittery quickness of a halfling.

His skin is bronzed, a sign of his southern heritage, and his head is crowned with a coif of golden curls. Both are starkly contrasted by piercing, almost radiant green eyes. He is a product of selective breeding, and the results speak for themselves.

Lucian’s armor is little more than a gaudy ceremonial uniform, more form than function. The only equipment that looks battle worthy is the massive club lashed to the saddle of his horse; though even it is more a work of art than one would expect.

He is youthful, jovial, and never lacks a compliment. He has a smile for everyone he meets and is quick to make acquaintances and trade stories with anyone and everyone at Stone’s Throw.

Lucian is accompanied by a copper colored horse named Somerset.



Lucian Astorio trained his whole life to sculpt his body, mind, and spirit into a work of art in celebration of the beauty of the world and all the joy it could bring. As an acolyte of Sune, Lucian sees the beauty in all things; be they mundane, outrageous, serene, or violent. There is beauty in everything if you know where to look.

Traveling far from his monastery, Lucian has come to Norundra to celebrate the beauty that can be afforded only by adventure, and the heroism of those glorious individuals that bask in its afterglow.

Lucian Astorio (Slain fighting Ostrander)

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