Kithri Greenbottle

Stout Halfling Artificer


STR: 10
DEX: 17
CON: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 12
CHA: 8

Pale skin with light red frizzy hair, freckles dot her face everywhere, making her face look constantly dirty. She has a cheerful, creative outlook on life; constantly trying to come up with new ideas to tink with.


Kithri’s grew up only ever knowing her father. He was a Transmutation specialized Wizard. He took care in his craft to make objects into other things, learning alchemy through magic. With this specialization, he also took up crafting magical items. It was hard, laborious work, but he seemed happy. Kithri would often help him when needed. She could not do much, maybe hold the object he was enhancing or grab material components for him, but it helped her learn what he was doing. He would always tell her what he was doing and how things worked together. It enchanted her, and made her always wanting more. Kithri did not get to spend much of her life with him; he disappeared soon after her eighth birthday. But she kept a hold of his last workbook of different magical items he was crafting. She spent the last ten years with his apprentice and her family.

When Kithri turned eighteen, her father’s apprentice gave her a coded book that was written by her father. She has not decoded it yet, and continues to work on it to figure out the puzzle her father left her. She is convinced that with the coded book, she can make her dreams as a top-notch Artificer real.

Kithri Greenbottle

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