Harkin "Kindle" D'Lere

Your new best friend.


“Kindle” stands at 5’10, has a slender build, and barely weighs 130 lbs. He’s a youthful half-elven lad; handsome, well-groomed, and stylish above all else. His raven-colored, brush cut hair is neatly flared and fashionable when visible but is often tucked beneath a thick gray hood. Kindle’s stubbly facial hair frames his jaw nicely and toughens up his boyish appearance. He has the same eye color and skin tone as pretty much every D’Lere: dark brown and olive hued.

He exudes an air of confidence, smiles a lot, and always makes eye contact.


Harkin “Kindle” D’Lere is the only child born to his father, a business-minded human merchant and his mother, an accomplished wood elf tanner. The tanner’s encampment they call home was inherited from their elven family and resides miles away from Stone’s Throw. Hark spent his early years at the camp enduring a typical childhood while being forced to apprentice within the family’s trade. The D’Leres weren’t wealthy by any means but prioritized education and culture in Harkin’s rearing.

When he was older, he’d often visit his cousin Nora and her father in a distant city. Harkin enjoyed their risky, day-to-day lifestyle and embraced it regardless of his father’s disapproval. He flourished in the reckless uncertainty of risky adventures and boasted about the success of their exploits. Hark cast aside his mundane destiny as a tanner and donned a new persona: Kindle.

Kindle had all the qualities Harkin admired. He was bold, confident, charming, and never hesitated. He reacted quickly, was smart as a whip, and never turned down a challenge. Nora—under the guise of “Nook”—empowered his curiosity and the two would create a devious duo of fate-tempting delight. They accumulated a spirited reputation within their circles and achieved a great number of goals… until it all came to a screeching halt.

Harkin and Nora have cast aside their personas in favor of honest work at the tanning camp. For better or for worse, their time has been spent laboring instead of adventuring.

Harkin "Kindle" D'Lere

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