Gwendolynn Heatherpond

Bard, Halfling (Lightfoot)


About average height for a halfling, with green eyes and dark red hair that is unusually straight for a halfling.


Gwendolynn, or Gwen for short, was raised in her parent’s inn. She has a love of stories and songs, especially those that involve the brewing and/or the consumption of stouts, ales, porters, meads, wines, ciders, and other fermented beverages.
Having recently graduated from the bardic college, Gwen has traveled to Norundra following rumors of a lost Eladrin civilization and the hope of learning songs unheard for generations. And the hope of tasting several rather tasty beverages too.

She has just recently arrived in Stones Throw and has begun performing at the Last Ale during the evenings when she is not in the wild.

Gwendolynn Heatherpond

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