Erevan (Returning to Iltheriand)

Iltheri warrior


Erevan stands 5’2" tall and is clad in studded leather armor. He wears a mask made of leaves or a leaf-pattern material that exposes only his mouth and chin (in a perpetual scowl). His long red hair is hidden beneath a grey-green cloak with a similar camouflage pattern and material as his mask. He carries a longbow, short sword, and a dagger; all of wood elf make.

Erevan has come looking for allies to fight the giants in the west.

Erevan left the morning of Year 2, Moon 3, Day 19 to return to Iltheriand with several adventurers in his company and others planning on meeting them on the road.


Erevan (Returning to Iltheriand)

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