Cyril Davidson

A hunter and father of Abigail and Hansel


Cyril is the father of Abigail and Hansel. A little more than a year before the adventurers arrived in Stone’s Throw, Cyril had been attacked by wolves. Believed dead by his children who had fled at his request, none came to find that Cyril’s true fate was far more cruel.

He was bitten by a werewolf; an elven druid named Shava. Having emerged from her cursed state of madness, Shava found the unconscious Cyril, mauled but not dead, and realized what she had done. She healed his wounds, but could not undo the curse she had vowed a life of solitude to prevent spreading. She took Cyril away from Stone’s Throw and hid him in a cave where he wouldn’t be able to harm anyone.

Shava, unfortunately, met her end during one of her curse driven rampages through the western Ramparts. Cyril, left with nobody to take care of him, slipped further and further into cursed madness.

Fortunately, the swift actions of the adventurers from Stone’s Throw found Cyril and kept him alive until Rekkar could bring a scroll of Remove Curse north to be used on him. Freed of the curse, Cyril returned home to his children and family at Stone’s Throw.


Cyril Davidson

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