"Clay" Dewridge

Half-Elf, Bard Diplomat


Clay is a tall half-elf. He has dark hair, silver eyes, and fair skin. His charm can be spotted the moment he enters a room, and his defined features to match. He typically has a pleasant perfumed air about him, and fine clothes, although he does not appear to be of nobility, you can tell that he has known finer things.


Clay, a half-elf, grew up in the footsteps of his human father, a respected ambassador in a distant land. Clay inherited a sense of wonder, and artistic flair from his elven mother—who is presumed to have died early in his life.

Clay has had many adventures with his childhood friend Aaryn Telella’Lom, some innocent in their childhood, but growing more daring with age. Clay developed a strong sense of right and wrong from his father, while Aaryn, the more mischievous of the two, always had a desire to explore—with sometimes questionable motives. In their teens, Aaryn, in his elvish nature, would come to convince Clay of their need to travel the world. Clay, feeling as though he had never truly belonged, agreed, and together they were able to convince Clay’s father that the two should become envoys. They spent several years sailing aboard merchant ships to different regions, and Aaryn always had a way of digging up trouble, knowing Clay could charmingly talk the pair out of any obstacle. While Aaryn would loudly proclaim his desire to become a pirate, Clay would put people around him at ease with his gift for music and charm.

Unexpectedly, while on a voyage, the merchant ship the two were aboard was overtaken by pirates. As usual, Clay managed to convince the crew to spare their lives, but he felt a weight upon him at the look of delight in Aaryn’s eyes—it was the prospect of becoming one of them. Although they were considered prisoners, Clay persuaded the crew to let them move about freely, with the promise of musical entertainment. Over the next few years, the two coexisted with the pirates, training, Clay’s charm gradually eroding the pirate’s harsher qualities. He pushed them toward forming a code, to spare lives, and when it could be justified to steal.

When the crew hear a story of an ancient artifact and lost riches, the pirates make a journey to Norundra. The two are set free, and Clay finds himself in Stone’s Throw—wondering if he can turn this into a diplomatic mission, but not having completely shaking off the need for one more adventure before returning home.

"Clay" Dewridge

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