Clarent Emizar Wiggenthorp

A stuffy nobleman learned in wizardry


Clarent is a slightly overweight human male in his late 20s. His pleasant smile is often visible even though it usually carries just a touch of condescension. He spotlessly maintains his clean shaven appearance, a habit not altogether flattering of his weak chin. Despite his height and broad shoulders, he is of only average strength. His hair has started to thin early in life but he is too dignified to attempt to disguise it.

The whole of Clarent, however, is perhaps greater than the sum of his rather plain parts, and for all his stuffiness, the light of a vibrant and compelling personality shines through his many flaws.


Clarent is a recent arrival and little of his deeds or experiences have been shared with the others who have gathered in Stone’s Throw.

Clarent Emizar Wiggenthorp

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