Cedeor Dragonfang

Paladin of the Knights of the Silver Dragon


Cedeore was born to Cecil Dragonfang, a paladin in service to Tyr, and Synelia, a Half elven ranger. The duo journeyed across the land and had gained some renowned as adventurers in their own right. Eventually, their actions, wealth, and rewards allowed Cecil and Synelia to establish a small but successful kingdom know as Baronia. And had created his own order of Paladins known as the Knights of the Silver Dragon. After several years of building the kingdom Cedeore was eventually born.

While Cedeore wanted for nothing, his mother and father still worked to instill in him a humble bearing and sense of justice. He grew hearing tales of his parent’s adventures and the respect held for them by their servants and people. When he was old enough, his parents both began schooling him in the arts of combat. At 16 he took up a squire ship with a knight from the Silver Dragons and began the process of becoming a Paladin.

Despite being the prince, he was treated little different from other squires and knights, but did have high expectations placed on him from his supervisors. At 20 he took the test and successfully became a Knight of the Silver Dragon and was given his first quest. To travel out into the world and gain an experience of different cultures, to do good where he can and to not return until he had received or retrieved his own holy blade.

His journey has taken him to Stone’s Throw, where he hopes to help reestablish civilization in this region, protect those who would choose to make this land their home, and prove himself worthy of his title and position. With luck he may also find his own Holy Blade.

Cedeor Dragonfang

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