Athao Aedir

Wood Elf Ranger


The world is a harsh and unforgiving place, with uncompromising demands on those who would forge their own path. Rely not on others for protection, for betrayal comes easily, but on the skills of camouflage, deception, and secrecy. Follow the way of the Lone Wolf, for his is the path of self-sufficiency.


Athao is actually a nice guy once you get to know him.
Athao hates all of the small races.
Athao doesn’t sleep
Athao has the brand of a slave on his back
Athao Isn’t his real name


The Aedir: The elves of the Ghost Woods, reclusive, xenophobic, superstitious and hostile. From the day they are born to the day they die the Aedir protect this forest from outsiders.
Kirin Aedir: Athao’s younger sister who died thirty years ago.
Tandol Aedir: Athao’s twin brother.
Borist Steelhands: Athao’s master during his time in the underdark.

Ghost Woods:
The forest home of the Aedir, a civilisation of wood elves who protect the last bastion of forest in the region. The lack of lumber in the region has caused many humans to enter the forest in hopes of returning with lumber they need. Rumors among humans is that the forest is haunted as no one who enters ever returns.

Thirty years ago:
Athao, Kirin and Tandol were traveling near the outskirts of the Ghost Woods. There had been reports of human loggers entering their land in the area. The three of them decided to take care of them. Killing loggers who entered their lands was almost second nature. Loggers rarely even put up a good fight, the three expected this encounter to be no different. The three Aedir located the humans, they seemed to be setting up a camp. Athao motioned to Tandol to sneak around the back. Kirin and Athao would attack from the front. Kirin managed to stab one of the loggers with a dagger before the camp was alerted. Athao caught sight of one running the other direction, out of the forest. Athao had never let a human escape before, and he wouldn’t let one escape now. Athao ran after him, but soon he heard the snap of a branch at his feet and the sound of rope being pulled. He had allowed himself to run right into a trap, he was immediately pulled into the air by a net that had been hidden on the forest floor.
Athao looked back towards the camp. In this moment he realized, these were not loggers, these were hired mercenaries and we just walked into an ambush. The sparse sunlight reflected off their chainmail and their swords. Athao drew his dagger and freed himself from the net, but as he hit the ground he saw these mercenaries take down his sister with the swing of their swords. Athao doesn’t fully remember what happened next, all he knows is that he slew every last one of them, but it was too late for Kirin…

“I’m going to go look for sister”
This was the last thing Tandol said to Athao as he walked away from camp. At the time Athao thought his brother was just taking the loss badly and needed time to think. Athao has not seen his brother since.

Ten years ago:
Nearing his hundredth year of life, Athao was expected to go on a quest of adulthood. Usually this would entail killing a strong beast or living in the wilderness by yourself for a year. Unfortunately for Athao, he was seen as a replacement in his family for his missing brother, and as such a simple rite would not be sufficient. Athao left his home hoping to find something worthy of him. Something that would show that he was indeed worthy of the Aedir name.

Athao and a group of adventurers explored the underdark based on information given to them by a halfling. After being defeated in battle, Athao was found by the duergar Borist Steelhands. Steelhands made Athao his slave. Steelhands branded him and pushed him to his physical limits, often beating and lashing him. Athao still bears the brand of Steelhands on his back. Athao remained his slave for about 3 years.

While traveling with Steelhands and the other slaves, they were ambushed by drow. During the commotion Athao managed to grab a dagger from one of the drow, and run. For the next several weeks Athao had to use his survival skills to keep himself alive and try to make his way to the surface. This time in the underdark taught him how to use the dark to his advantage. He found ways to hide, even from creatures who could see in the dark. Eventually Athao encountered a group of surface dwarves. Athao almost broke down upon seeing them. These dwarves led him up. Upon reaching the surface, Athao couldn’t contain his emotions anymore and wept upon seeing the sky, the dirt, the trees. He was finally free.

Athao told some of the dwarves the reason for his quest. The dwarves told him of a place to the north called Norundra. If there was a place for him to prove himself that would be it. Athao told this lie to everyone who asked, in actuality he wanted to find a place to belong, a place where he would be allowed to be free. Athao with the finest Dwarven weapons they could spare, set out for the edge of the known world.

Athao Aedir

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