Arturia is of medium build and height, . She loosk fairly average for humans but with a slightly athletic build. She has light olive skin with long, messy dark hair (brown almost black). Her eyes are solid gold and two medium sized antlers protrude from her head.

She also smells pretty weird, to some it is probably an awful smell. A musky, animal scent.


“If you make her mad she’ll turn into a bear and mar your face.”
“I saw her leaving Braggi’s room at some weird hours. I know they are friends but i thought she was rooming with Jade?”
“I think her and Bodolf were engaged at some point. Don’t ever bring it up though unless you want to get mauled.”
“Pretty sure her father was a Tiefling and her mother was an elk. There is really no other explanation. Druids are really fucking wierd…”
“She faced certain death to rescue another party from hobgoblin mercenaries at Leen”


Arturia was raised by her mother and father in the woods of Gelden. They lived a quiet, peaceful life. While usually alone with the animals of the forest they lived close enough to a small village to visit and trade with other humans. Her mother, Artemesia (not her given name), was a tiefling and a druid. She was very fond of humans but tired of the constant pressure/mistrust that Tieflings often encounter. When she married Arturia’s father, Bas, a human, they decided to move to a more remote home in the forest. Artemesia used her druidic skills to care for the animals who needed help and Bas used his huntsman skill to dilute the populations that grew too large. Arturia’s father chopped wood, smoked meats, and cleaned pelts to sell to the nearby human village and they lived a modest, quiet life.

As a child Arturia grew very fond of animals and learned about the important balance in nature. She learned at a young age to run with the deer, hide with the rabbits, and chase prey with the wolves. Her best friends were her father’s wolf companion, Safi, and the woodland animals that would come close enough to the him. Despite her closeness to nature and her love of her small family she still yearned to live amongst humans and dwarves and experience the rest of the world. The only visitors they received were fellow druids, elves, and traveling rangers, which were few and far between.

When Arturia was 18 her mother passed away and her father became very reclusive. Arturia knew that he would be content with his solitary life in the woods along with Safi, and decided then to leave.

Arturia left her home in search of adventure and spent the next 8 years exploring, learning, and seeing the world. Fond of humans and dwarves (and their talents for beer and mead) she travels from tavern to tavern looking for odd jobs and fun adventures. She is currently traveling with a sometimes companion, sometimes coworker, Dwarven fighter named Rael Gahn. At their most recent tavern meeting Rael Gahn bought the drinks and spoke of Norundra…


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