Aasimar Healer: Life Cleric / Warlock


A startlingly attractive and otherworldly human-seeming person, Apoc’s eyes give him away as aasimar. They glow and radiate, especially when he speaks with conviction. There is a distant peal of bells in his voice, which is beautiful when he is not angry. Then, it a thunderous barrage of sound that cracks the very earth.

Apoc is a missionary sent to pacify the savages, and his approval of people, or disdain, largely relates to how civilized they are.

Personality trait: disdainful of tribal life. Approving of ordered society

Ideals: bold adventure will pacify the land for the good of all

Bonds: I have a Victorian morality about hard work, morality, and living to a code.

Flaws: I am convinced of the superiority of my culture over that of this foreign land.

Flaws: not convinced that his Deva is using all available methods to achieve the obvious goals.


Apoc is an Aasimar Life Cleric devoted to pacifying the wilds of Norundra.

His lawful neutral alignment leads him to adopt a colonialist conquistador attitude.

His Far Traveller background, high charisma, and otherworldly countenance, makes him an object of curiosity and astonishment. To avoid attention, he often wears a dark cowl to disguise his features.

His level 1 skill and spell loadout are fully devoted to supporting his comrades in their mission to conquer this wild land and harvest its riches.

His Deva, an archangel named Valandras, is a stern and uncompromising exemplar of lawful good, and is frequently disappointed with Apoc’s cavalier attitude towards good and evil.

An recent mission in Evermeet turned ugly when Apoc made a bold command decision which Valandras deemed unacceptable. But that is ancient history without any interest to people in Norundra. Apoc is not an exile given one last chance. That is simply what the goodie-two-shoes in the pantheon want him to think to motivate him to even greater conquest.

Apoc is confident that, over the course of an adventuring career, the lands will be tamed, order forced upon the savages, and prosperity for all will result.

Of late, he seems to be partially in thrall to an ancient entity of Fey background but uncertain intent. It has granted him powers, but the relationship is far from clear.


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