Dolgrin (Mobi)

Dwarf Druid - Damage/Heal


The measure of a dwarf is the ratio of his weight, to his weight of gold. Such a petty way to weigh the value of another, if you even care about such things. Apparently some part of you does, however, as you have found yourself north of the Rampart Mountains in search of digging up lost treasures belonging to some ancient ancestral branch of your peoples.

At first you were certain it was all a farce. Everyone had read the stories about the Rune Dwarves of Norundra and their Mountain of Power, nobody bought it though. It was a tale to tell children or to reassure wizards that dwarves were quite capable of understanding, appreciating, and practicing magic.

Now you aren’t so sure if the tales are rubbish. A dwarf merchant named Rekkar, who you met on the road north to the fabled lands of Norundra, sold a wealthy merchant lord an ancient looking dwarven idol marked with runes of familiar, but bizarre design. It spelled out the name of your clan, or at least, close enough to it to make you think twice, then thrice about the quest Jarl Kessic of your clan hold sent you on.

If there are more dwarven artifacts like that, that means that the Rune Dwarves are real, or at least real enough to be a number of dwarves in one place. And where dwarves congregate in one place, they have gold and jewels. Surely the fates are having a go at you, but if not, then this may be the way you return to favor with your clan.


Dolgrin (Mobi)

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