Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls Oh My!

Moon 8, Days 6 - 17

Zog, Dolgrin, Nook, Kindle, and Gwen adventure north from the newly setup group camp outside of Stone's Throw. After no luck asking trees for gold, Dolgrin spots an ancient bridge, covered in vines and overgrown with plants. The water along the river looked calm and passable even without the bridge and the few towers at the base of the bridge looked battleworn (possibly scorch marks). Nook and Kindle decided to sneak up and investigate the building, which we found was not completely abandoned.  A large group of orcs, 2 ogres, and 1 troll were preparing for battle and setting fire to the forest, so we had to stop them!

In a fiery wrath, Zog took the troll head on as I (Dolgrin) delayed the enemies with several spike growth traps waiting for them. Kindle and Nook assassinated them one by one as Gwen kept our morale and spirits high. Luckily as an orc was escaping across the bridge Kindle brilliantly shot an arrow and got em. We camped for the night and warforged horse half-druids approached us an agreed to help us clear the lands of orcs. 

In the morning, I (Dolgrin) transformed once again into a blue unicorn, or "Golden Dawn" as they say, and Gwen agreed to help Dolgrin try to understand his abilities. The party makes it's way back to the group camp, Dolgrin as a giant pack lizard carrying tons of armor, weapons, etc.

Dolgrin turns to his self, takes a drink from his flask, and then says "We found a bridge everyone!" 


It’s a lie. The whole damn thing.

Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls Oh My!

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