Meeting with Quillathe

Moon 7, Day 14 - Moon 8, Day 4

Cedeore, Myru, Rivyre, Thakko, and ZOG set out on the 14th to meet with the Eladrin Envoy, Quillathe, under the light of the full moon in the Emradi Forest.

They returned on the 4th of the 8th Moon.


Myru recounts what happened.

“We were heading north east to meet our friend, Quillathe, one of the warforged Eladrin. It did not take long. Just before the meeting we saw an oak tree moving north, thought it was interesting. Most likely one of the dryads. When Quillathe and Feridah showed up, they were not alone. Two warforged centaurs named Soveliss and Mirielle, Rivyre indicated meeting them before.

“Quillathe was not pleased about the killing of the guy in Sentinel, which is what Blinking Mountain is called. Apparently he was the one maintaining the mountain. So now they want us to take care of that region from the orcs because it being our fault that the region is now left with no guard. If we have someone who could maintain the mountain again, that could also be arranged. He said it needed to be someone who can expand the distance of their spells that they innately learn.”

“Also, they know of Sunder, but thought him to be slumbering. This might be needed information for them on his status of being awake or not.” Myru shrugs. “I’m not sure too much on this matter.”

She then continues. “We know of the high elf city, C’estari. It is 100 miles to the west of Stone’s Throw. And where the Eladrin are, it is about 100 miles to the east of us. This came up because Zog wanted to go with them to Starlight Throne, their home, to find out about himself. After some discussion we decided to go with them. But at that time, Theren, a ranger warforged eladrin, showed up and told us orcs were coming. We ambushed them, and were able to kill them without much problems with the warforged eladrin. Poor Cedeore, Thakko, and Zog were not able to do much.” Myru then looks at Zog. “He got a very…interesting… shield. I would be weary around him, but I’m sure he would do no wrong…any time soon.”

“It took us a better part of a week to get to the Starlight Throne. That place was amazing! It is built into an inactive volcano. So many fortifications, which given the long history of these Eladrin being stuck here, makes sense. Once inside, the place enormous, creepily so.” Myru looks grim. “They came here with 5,000 people, and now they only have around 500. It is like a ghost city. It feels sad, even in all of its beauty. We were allowed to stay in a vacant house that had anything we could ask for…except for beds.” Myru gives a small laugh to that.

“Their library had many interesting insights into the past. Because of some Great Exodus, the high elves fled the west forests and went into the east forests about 900 years ago. The Eladrin from Grum Shuil would aid the high elves when they could. It was then that the orc numbers diminished. This was also around the time that Shayarstel was first awoken to aid the elves. The price was to teach the dragon magic and elvensmithing. Shayarstel slumbered again when the orcs were defeated. Then Grum Shuil went rogue about 673 years ago. And this ushered in chaos. Orc population went on the rise. 400yrs, Shayarstel was re-awoken and is still awake. More recently Shayarstel has been active, seemingly in tangent to the decline of the Eladrin. Reports of Grum Shuil sightings started 100 years ago. No rhyme or reason to its time in the Prime. It made no sense on the cycle of the moon.”

“We saw over 200 of the Eladrin as they examined Zog. As to what was spoken of…” Myru looks to Zog. “That is not my story. But they have many different designs. Many were centaurs or had wings. They seem to have a lot of knowledge collectively.”

Myru points to Castle Peak. “I have a way to use the Teleportation Circle. Though I only have one destination I can use at the time. The Warforged Eladrin are not enemies. You do not have to view them as allies, but I suggest not fighting them. They only want to keep the forests as forests. The orcs are a large stress on them. We should aid them, since if they are going to the Sentinel nearby, then likely Stone’s Throw could be in danger. Two birds with one stone, right?”

She looks out to the woods. “I hope the wolves didn’t cause any problems?” Myru looks like she might check on them soon, even though she just got back.

Meeting with Quillathe

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