Lizard Troubles

Moon 7, Days 16 - 24

Arturia, Jade, Rael, and Soskodmorah grouped with newcomer, Beegle, a gnomish artificer, and left on the 16th (after the rain storm), to go meet Garurt, a lizardfolk clutch queen, and accompany her to her village.

They returned on the 24th of Moon 7.


(The Real Lizardwives of Norundra)

Oh my god….you are not going to believe this! So as you all know, we had brought the lizard lady, Garurt, back towards Stone’s Throw to introduce her to Soskodmorah. He seemed interested (well, I think he was interested, it is hard to tell with those lizardfolk) and we left town on the 16th along with Jade and the newest traveler to Nordundra, Beegle….or was it Beedle? I dunno, gnome names all sounds the same to me. Anyways…

We met back up with Rael at the campsite and I introduced Sosk to Garurt. They started doing that head bobbing thing and hissing at each other. This went on for like 20 minutes so I kinda lost interest. I heard Sosk spitting lightning so I turned around just in time to see….well….I think they’re married?

Later Sosk explained that Garurt needs help with her village and I think he is basically in charge of the lizardfolk now so we decided to head back to the lizard village. On our way through the Barrens we got attacked by what I thought was some wind but turned out to be undead orc spectres. They were pretty gross. They touched Rael and he was fine but then they touched Garurt and her arm looked really funny colored the rest of the day. Luckily she has that giant axe and when she swung it at them they were destroyed. That axe was pretty cool. I think she fought a giant for it. Garurt is an incredible warrior; I can see why Sosk likes her so much.

Garurt also told us more about the creepy hag lady in the western woods. Apparently she lives in the mountains but runs around in the woods with a bunch of undead. She also works for the “dead ones”? It wasn’t really clear but Garurt did say not to go past the “stone houses” because that’s where the old ladies territory starts. She also told us there are “flesh eaters” along the river to the north-west and past that there are giants.

After that some boring stuff happened. Sosk talked to more lizards and I think he has like 3 wives now? I don’t really understand lizard culture. Why would you even want one wife…. let alone 3?! Definitely not me. Whatever.

I helped the little gnome guy gather some plants. He was going on about poisonous frogs and snakes which seemed really cool but then he just gathered flowers. He might be insane.

Then Sosk came back and told us that the Lizard wives were fighting over him…. Or was it that they wanted to kill him? or eat his children? I don’t know. Apparently there was a corrupted lizard lady with some demonic mace. Sosk said it blinked at him. I think he might have spent too much time with the lizard women….. To be honest it all seemed kinda cray so we decided to get out of there.

On the way back to Stone’s Throw we saw a bunch of orcs and some ogres so be careful if you go into the Barrens anytime soon.

Lizard Troubles

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