Answers for Zog...

You can hear Zog calling everyone to The Pit. There's none of the tell tell fun or innocence that is normally in Zog's words, these calls are cold and demanding. You and the rest of the adventurers gather around The Pit, where Zog stands in the center ready to address the town of Stone's Throw.

"A few weeks go Lady Rivyre, Thakko, Myru, Cedeore and I traveled to meet with the Eladrin Envoy. I went so that I could guage them firsthand, and judge their intentions. During that meeting their lead Elf noticed my name <points to 206> and told me that I find some of the answers I seek in their hold or at the Forge itself. We followed them to the eladrin stronghold and empty city. I stood in their circle of elders and was told information I did not believe at the time."

"I was told that my name is a 'serial number'. The 2 signifies that I belonged on the second board, and the 06 that I was the sixth piece, a pawn, in a game of Dragon Chess. I was told that I was on the dark side of the board. I was told that i was created as a piece of art, when the elves were bored and did not have as many orcs to fight, by an elf named Vothdar."

"I did not believe this story, I am not 206 metal-pawn, I am Zog half orc. We recently returned to the eladrin home after a battle at the ruins of Kaena. Our minds and memories were prodded and altered for information and for the enemy to remain hidden. The eladrin cleansed our minds and restored our memories, and with those memories came some of my old memories as well."

"I remember the Forge. I remember running south, and I remember forgetting all of it. The metal-elves gave these memories back to me and, <speaking elvish> I now have reasons to trust their words combined with my new memories. <speaking common> I don't know why I ran, and I don't think it matters much. I know that dragons like their treasures, and I worry that if they wake up their dragon, and tell him of me, he may come for me."

"So, to prevent this, I say we put all efforts into killing Lundar and the rest of the orcs in Artok. Hopefully this will sate the metal-elve's bloodlust long enough to find more answers. If not, we should all be prepared for the worst."

With that 206 leaves The Pit to work in the forge. Melting down and destroying some of the ogre weapons and armor from the excursion. A glint of anger, rage, and joy in his movements as each item is broken and destroyed.



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