Bears Chasing Gnolls

Moon 5, Day 3 – Moon 5, Day 5 (return)


Dolgrin, Yue, Muzilius, Rael, Lucian hunt down some gnolls up North

The Daring Rescue
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 23 - Moon 5, day 25 (return)

Apoc, Imsh, Jade, and Huaki accompany Pixel and Ramas down into the depths to try and save their comrades 

Fellowship of Black Dreams
Year 568, Moon 5, Day 21 - Day 23

Imsh, Shaguay, Shale, Benedetto, and Elened venture east from Stone's Throw on the 21st of Moon 5 on a quest to destroy the fearsome mace known as Black Dreams by hurling it into the volcano.

On Day 22 Shaguay's phoenix familiar, Ramas, flies into town, carrying Elened's fox familiar, Pixel.

On Day 23, Imsh comes into town alone.

Bear Force Two
Year 568 Moon 5 Day 1 - Day 3

Lucian, Yuèguāng, Dolgrin, and Brin go around the outside

Where are the Stone Giants?
Year 568, Moon 5 Day 8 - Moon 5 Day 11

The elf fellowship went west-southwest to look for the Stone Giants and a possible alliance.

Bears First Battle of the War
Year 568 Moon 5 Day 1 - Day 3

206, Clay, Rael, Arturia, and Muzilius take flight and do something really stupid.

Bears Head North #3
Year 568 Moon 5 Day 1

Zog, Rael, Brin, Clay, and Yuèguāng awaken after a cold night and continue the journey north along the river, ever closer to the Ice King.

Scaled Kittens 2
Year 568 Moon 5 Day 1 - Moon 5 Day 10

After defeating the Throden the group rests and investigates the Temple.
Imsh discovers the temple is a vault for a dragon. Carreg notices the mound in the center
Next Day they excavate the corpse of a dragon killed by fire, Carreg gets a stone from it.
Group heads north to select new Clutch Queen for the red scaled Lizardfolk.
There they meet Litrix's clutch who challenge the group. The group defeats two of her stronger daughters, and Sosk defeats the would be Progenitor.
Group then heads south over a few days and through a blizzard back to Stone's Throw after retrieving an item.

Bears Head North 2
Year 568 Day 28, Moon 4

A Cold Winter's Night

News of the Ice King’s merciless slaughter reached the people of Rastivan. They grew restless, feeling in their bones that it was only a matter of time before their fair city was targeted by the greedy king. Not wishing to waste time while the devastation spread, two adventurers set out north in search of the wintry devil’s stronghold.

The day was cold and humid. The frigid air stuck to the travelers’ breaths. Rael, the heavily armored, beardless dwarf and Yueguang, the timid, Eastern mystic journeyed for half a day towards the north east, knowing that an icy river would mark a way to travel further north without too much of a struggle against the Ice King’s forces. Stopping to let their horses rest, they were suddenly come upon by familiar faces.

Galloping towards them at a swift pace, Clay, Brin, and 206 strode up to the dwarf and half elf. They informed the two that they were running away from an army encampment and required aid including a replenishment of horse feed and rations. Much to Yueguang’s chagrin, 206 informed them that they were likely being followed.

The group then proceeded to argue for a bit regarding the next course of action – should they continue the journey north in search of the Ice King or hide from the oncoming soldiers? Then there was the matter of which path should they take in either case. After much deliberation, it was decided that they would continue to go North East. This path would take them on the other side of the river but would likely provide them cover from the Ice King’s forces.

The band of heroes rode forth until they came upon the river’s edge. 206 set out first, testing the strength of the frozen ice above the river. One by one the group made it to the other side, except for Rael. Being the stubborn dwarf that he was, decided to walk his horse Rhubarb across at a much more careful and slower pace. Due to the immense weight of the dwarf’s full plate armor, the ice began to crack behind him. Suddenly freezing in place because he wasn’t sure which step to take without further risking his and his horse’s lives, 206 and Brin both went back towards the river, rope in hand. When they got close enough, they threw the rope towards Rael, who begrudgingly accepted their aid. As he began to move forward however, Rhubarb refused to follow. Clay’s magic intervened to inspire the horse’s confidence. Eventually, the group made it to the other side before the rushing river could be heard beneath the exposed ice. Yueguang remembered feeling a smidge of frustration toward the dwarf who seemed at first willing to leave his horse when she no longer responded to his command.

For a few more hours they rode until at last, dusk was upon them. Brin helped find a campsite, but it was less than agreeable with the icy winds at their backs. While the barbarian Brin started putting together fixings for what was sure to be a delicious meal, Clay moved the camp a bit to a more suitable location. Unfortunately for the group, the delicious stew ended up burning in the pot. However, Brin was so proud of his creation, the group ate their share and thanked him, begrudgingly swallowing down the bitter taste of charred mammoth meat.

That night, no moon illuminated the sky. It was dark save for a few stars. The air blew up and over the mounds they had made their camp by. The group huddled up next to the fire for what little warmth there was to be had.

Day 1, Moon 6

It was sometime a little after midnight when Rael heard something off in the distance. 206 was attempting to carve something out of a piece of wood when the dwarf tapped on his metallic shoulder with an echoed thud.

“Did you hear that?!” exclaimed Rael. But 206 dismissed him and held up the piece he had been carving to show him. It was possibly some sort of animal? The dwarf shook his head and pointed off in the distance, towards the river.

The slow, heavy thumps grew closer. 206 heard them then. Rael and 206 quickly tried to rally the other asleep adventurers. Brin however, so proud of his mighty feast, still slept soundly, dreaming of how wonderful his future creations would be as well.

Then a low chant could be heard, seemingly carried by the wind. The next second, the fire was snuffed out. The cold resonated through the waking party members.

As the thumping and dragging loomed closer, Rael could make out humanoid life forms. There appeared to be humans and orcs, all dressed in tattered, soaked furs and heavy cloth. They did not stop once the group came into view. The dwarf drew his ever-burning torch to get a better look at them since the fire had been blown out. Once visible, he could see that the attackers were not living. The humanoids had cold, unblinking eyes, cracked, blue skin, and jaws held agape in eternal screams by ice. Rael knew that meant battle. Rael fired off his crossbow into one of the slow-moving attackers with a loud thud. It lurched and continued forward.

206 seemed to be distracted by the chanting voice. He yelled at Rael to let him borrow his ever-burning torch to make chase. The dwarf grumbled but agreed, moving into a defensive position as the zombies loomed closer. 206 took the torch and ran off towards the distant voice. The rest of the group were readying themselves for battle, as they shivering awake.

The first zombie to make it towards the camp slashed at Rael’s face, narrowly missing his good eye. Rael yelled and hacked the zombie down. But he was soon being overrun by the growing group of icy undead. 

The dwarf let out a deep, fearsome roar and then dropped his crossbow. He pulled the longsword from his scabbard and hacked into the zombie as more closed in.

The rest of the group finally came to and moved into position to defend the camp. Figuring that the heavily armored Rael could handle himself, Brin, Clay, and Yueguang moved towards another group of undead that was coming was the south. The barbarian Brin frenzied and put himself between the two magic users and the oncoming threats.

Towards the north, 206 noticed a thickening mist. Even with the torch however, he seemed unable to find a trace of the creature whose voice he heard moments before. Still feeling uneasy that something must be there and he simply couldn’t see it, he started swinging wildly with the torch. Suddenly his whole metallic body started shuddering and a dark red glow hung in the air. He could taste iron. It was then that he realized that it was the mist itself that was alive! He quickly dropped the torch and pulled his spear.

Meanwhile, Rael continued to hack and slash at the onslaught of zombies. Every so often they would catch him with their claws or in a grapple. One of the zombies took the crossbow bolt he had fired earlier into another of their kind and used it to pierce the dwarf’s chest. With a guttural groan and a loud thud, Rael toppled over.

Back at the trio of adventurers, Brin continued yelling and carving up the undead threatening to overtake the group. Yueguang quickly ran back towards the innermost section of the camp to collect her wits. She had never seen such creatures before and began to doubt her favors from the elements would do much good. The half elf whispered prayers to the spirits and they granted her strength. Clay began circling the zombies and piercing them with his sword, all whilst inspiring Brin with song and occasionally blasting a quick spell at their enemies. Once Clay caught sight of Rael’s fall, his song changed tune and Rael came to. Standing sluggishly forward, the dwarf grinned painfully and readied his sword again.

206 felt himself rust, his lifeforce taken by the icy mist. It almost seemed to laugh, becoming opaquer as it filled itself. The warforged leaped out of its bitter embrace. Calling forth lightning from its core, it shot out and pierced the coagulating form.

Upon seeing the lightning strike the monstrosity, Yueguang regained her confidence. She ran up the knoll that had been protecting the camp from the eastern winds. Reaching with outstretched fingers, her long, pointed fingernails clacked as her hands pushed forward. From her reach, tendrils of lightning lashed forward. With a sizzle and crack, they bit into the monster. The reddish color began draining from it, blotting on the white snow beneath it.

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While camping, evil mist and zombies attack, narrowly defeat. Find ice wand.

Swamp Things (Athao, Gwen, Kindle, Mump, and Nook)
Year 568 Moon 5, Days 2 - ???

The fellowship gathers to explore the swamp northeast of the Heartwood and then travel south on the eastern side of the River Nathuar to hopefully locate their horses. They set out on Moon 5, Day 2, but have not yet returned by Day 3…


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